Developing Allergies at a Later Stage
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Developing allergies is something that’s usually associated with children. All parents are familiar with the cautions surrounding peanut products. But is it possible to develop allergies as an adult? What kinds of allergies do adults get?


Host: Allergies at any age? Dr. Peter Saul: Most of the patients that I see with food allergy are less than 10 and under 5. And the same really with hay fever - with respiratory allergy, tend to be younger children who develop the hay fever, and then as they get older often what you find is that the symptoms that the hay fever generally subside a little bit and they may get more in the way of asthma symptoms. Host: Can adults get allergies? Dr. Peter Saul: Some allergies can develop at any age so for example things like nickel sensitivity may develop at any age. Sensitivity to Penicillin and certain other drugs you can develop as you get older. But by and large, if you are free from allergies, hay fever, asthma and eczema by the age of thirty you're unlikely to start to run into trouble as you get older. One of the benefits of getting older I think.