Deuter Outdoor Baby Carrier Review
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Being a dad doesn't mean you can't be an outdoorsman, you just need the right rugged hiking baby carrier. Daddy Troy reviews an outdoor friendly carrier from the famed backpack maker Deuter in this DadLabs video. Carry a baby and hike at the same time.


Male: A lot of my friends with kids like to say that they do not get to do much anymore, they do not get out as much but I am here to tell you that you can actually go out with your kids and do great things in the outdoors. And one of the great ways to do that is to buy some gear that makes it a little easier for the kids to come along on this day heights. [Music playing] This is a childcare from Deuter and he is going to tell us all about it so when you put it down… Male: One of the biggest factors that you are going to see that well set a child care in the park from another child care is going to be the back system on it. What we do is Deuter is we use the same boxes that we use in back pack. The order has been around for about 100 years and our main stay is backpacks. We have taken that technology and move that into our childcare so here you will see a fully testable harness system so you can adjust this around for mom and dad… Male: So you could quickly change it for a different height of mom and dad or a different of…. Male: Exactly there is a lot of things we do to make it really easy for mom and dad if we put this side release buckle so it makes it very easy to get the child in and out here with our five point safety harness real simple and easy to open on hand operation really easy to buckle close. Male: Now the buckles are yellow is there a reason for that? Male: We do yellow buckles simply because that tells mom and dad that that is what you want to have buckled up before you take off for the child. So you get all those closed and tightened up and then you are ready to go. We also have a side pocket gear that you can put a hydration. Male: Oh great. Male: We also have an optima sunroof available with this. So this will keep the sun off the child if they are sensitive children’s skin. Male: Sure. Male: Also, the way spell is a very important thing on a childcare we have a nice way on here. Male: Wow, that is great. What are these straps for in here I think a lot of people have a hardcore back and not know what these are for. Male: This is a stabilizing strap this is going to help to pull the weight of the pack towards your back and a little over center of gravity so it just helps to stabilize. Male: But you can actually with the kids put it down on the ground with this little… Male: Absolutely there is a kickstand right here that you push it out like that we have two grab handles on this model makes it really easy just to swing the pack around, grab the handle and place the pack down. Male: Sure, and have you found the kids like these things, they respond well to it. Male: The kids love them, it is comfortable in there, they are nice and contained so they are nice and secure and they sit up a little bit higher than they would. Male: That is really super, well thanks a lot this is really, really cool, and I would just tell our audience that it is really important that you do not go cheap on this and it is really easy to find one. Thanks a lot.