Designing Your Own Diaper Bag
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Every Mom needs a good diaper bag and now there is a way to design your own diaper bag, that you can do with your friends at a purse party.


Juli Auclair: Every mom needs a good diaper bag and our guest today are going to tell you about a way that you can design your own and you can do it with your friends. Sandra Masters and Lisa Henderson co-founded B's Purses, a company that holds first parties all across the country. I'm so glad you're here today. Sandra Masters and Lisa Henderson: Thank you for having us. Juli Auclair: Thanks for coming in and this is great, because you can only design a purse, but a great diaper bag. So you have something for all occasions. Sandra Masters: Yes, it's amazing. Lisa Henderson: It's really is. Juli Auclair: And it's really hard to find a good diaper bag, either they are too small or too big, they don't have enough compartments. Tell me a little bit about how B's Purses came to be and how it works. Sandra Masters: B's Purses came to be it's a direct sales company where we empower women to take control on their life. We allow you to host a party in your home and to design a diaper bag, a purse, a tote, so forth, because we all know that once we have a baby and we get rid of our purse, we need a gorgeous diaper bag. Juli Auclair: So true. Sandra Masters: Yes, it's amazing. So that we replace our purse with a tote or something, a diaper bag, to have with a baby. Juli Auclair: So Lisa, how did you come up with the idea for B's Purses? It's been around for what 5 years now? Lisa Henderson: It has been. We started in 2004, and we were women, just like everybody out there that want something more for our families and our self. So we started something that no one else still to this day, 5 years later has, that a business that empowers women to customize their own bag and customize their life by becoming a representative for us. Juli Auclair: So let's talk about how you can create a custom bag, and we've got a great one, this is diaper bag right here in front of us? Sandra Masters: Yes. Juli Auclair: Tell me how you go about doing it, how does it work? And I'll open it up and show everybody. Sandra Masters: We offer on over 43 different fabrics, and basically you design the bag yourself. You are allowed to pick out the outside fabric, inside fabric, your trim, your hardware. We offer plastic liner, because we all know, we all have spillage and we love to have the plastic liner to protect the inside of a bag. Juli Auclair: Since, so many great compartments and the pockets in the inside and over on the sides here, this is great. And what comes inside? Sandra Masters: Right. We also offer the burp cloth, a changing pad, and a bib to match. And those fit remarkably inside all the pockets inside, so you can carry it all with you inside the bag. Juli Auclair: And the great thing is, this Purse, diaper bag on the other side is the same style, right, but different fabric. Tell me how that works? How many can you choose from? Sandra Masters: That's correct. What we offer, this is the same design, it's a diaper bag, but once again, this is with a different fabric and with a different trim. We have the red patterned we have the gold hardware here, and then on the inside we have another fabric that's you could choose from, which is a chocolate brown. Juli Auclair: It's nice. Sandra Masters: Yes, very fashionable and calm. Juli Auclair: Yeah. Okay, and you brought some other options and some of these aren't type of bags, but tell me about what we could choose if we were going to create one? Lisa Henderson: Well, these are great bags as well, because they're large purses. So when you get to toddler age, especially when you got sippy cups and -- Juli Auclair: Diapers and pull-ups and yeah. Lisa Henderson: Exactly, so you want the person, you want to be a good looking mom out there, that's carrying a person, maybe you're done with the diaper bag stage, you can use one of these large purses or a tote as well, to carry and be more fashionable and still have your accessories that you need for your baby. Juli Auclair: And you can fit a lot in there. And you've got some great smaller purses too, which are really nice. Lisa Henderson: We do. We offer everything from luggage to tennis bags, purses, girls' night out, which every mother needs. Juli Auclair: Absolutely, at least once a week. Lisa Henderson: Yes, exactly. Juli Auclair: Okay, so like our parent company Meredith Corporation, your organization donates to a wonderful charity called Care. Tell me how that started with you and what percentage will go to Care? Lisa Henderson: We do, this is a great foundation that becoming friends with the Meredith Corporation and doing a lot with them with shows like this, we've really bonded with the Care project. And we went out to California, went to the women's conference and really promoted Care, which to us; we have the same mission which is in out hearts to empower women all across this country. And we can do the same thing across the world now with the Care project, because they empower women in third world countries. Just the same as us, these women are out there in these small little towns trying to create an economy for themselves and their families by sewing things like little bags or little flower crochet pin. And jewelry, made out of magazines, which is really unique. And so, what they do is; what we're going to do is that off the parties, we're going to create a crochet pin that our customers can actually purchase for dollar amount, and a percentage of that purchase will go back to Care. And the customer will be able to bring home their flower crochet pin, they can put it on their purse, they can put in on their coat like a broach. Juli Auclair: Right. So you're getting a fabulous purse, a broach, and you're donating to a really good cause. Lisa Henderson: It is. It's really a cause close to our heart and it really -- we're women, just like these women across the world. Juli Auclair: Sandra and Lisa thank you so much for coming in and showing us your fantastic purses. If you are having a baby and you don't have one yet, you have to get one, and even if you're not having a baby -- Lisa Henderson: You're right. Juli Auclair: These purses are great. Thank you and for more information about how you can organize a purse party, go to and thank you so much for watching Parents TV, we'll see you next time.