Demi Lovato - Camp Rock Co-Star's Advice
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Description caught up with Demi Lovato's 'Camp Rock' co-star, Roshon Fegan who gives advice to Demi. We also speak to his current Disney co-star in 'Shake It Up!', Bella Thorne who talks about whether she feels she has to fit the Disney 'mold' or not. Interviews by Bridget Daly.


Demi Lovato - Camp Rock Co-Star's Advice Female: Any words of encouragement for Demi right now? Roshon Fegan: I think just the encouragement is to believe in yourself. You know what I mean. A lot of people listen to everyone, but themselves. And it’s hard to at times when you have so many voices around you speaking for you. But I know deep inside she's an amazing person and she has great judgment. And she decides to really take some time to listen to what she wants to do and then listen to hear herself. And then I think it will be all okay. Female: You worked with the Jonas Brothers. You worked with everybody, Demi Lovato and Miley. Roshon Fegan: Yup Miley, everyone. Female: What it’s like to work with all those people? Roshon Fegan: It really -- is amazing and humbling experience, absolutely. I felt it was just like just to grow with them knowing that we all started from the same place and honestly, the Jonas Brothers and all of us, we all kind of grew in the same zone because they weren’t really recognized until Camp Rock and all that stuff happened. So we’re all at the same level and just to be a part of the whole wave which is unbelievable. You know what I mean. Female: You feel like you guys are sort of like a big family, a big fraternity. Roshon Fegan: We’re definitely a big family. Yeah, we grew deep, you know what I mean. We always know that from Camp Rock 1 is that when everything kind of forms together to really show what exactly what we love to do and it all happened from that, so we stick together. Female: Being kind of the part of the Disney mold, do you ever feel like you have pressure to kind of fit a certain mold? Or do you feel like you can kind of just do whatever you want? Bella Thorne: No and not at all. I'm so happy to be here today and have this whole big family. And have people looked up to me or whatever. And I think that that’s really great.