Delivering a Premature Baby with Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Staff
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Catrina discusses the special relationship she has formed with the staff at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center since the premature birth of her son.


Delivering a Premature Baby with Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Staff My family is eternally grateful. There is absolutely no way that you could pay back a group of people for saving your child’s life. He wasn’t breathing on his own and without their intervention, and without some medical staff that knew what he needed the most; his lungs weren’t developed; he needed IVs; he had a whole bunch of different tubes coming in and going out of him; he had an oxygen hood on for a while. There’s just nothing that you could ever, ever do to repay a group of people, and it’s not just one person, it’s a whole group of people, even down to the lab text that processed all of his lab work. So my family has made just an absolute oath that we will do anything for this hospital to raise money, to raise awareness, to talk to anybody about how grateful and gracious they were to have us and then we, to have them. For Tanner’s first birthday he’s got brothers that have toys and all of those things and I thought it was so much more important to give back to the place that gave him the opportunity to continue with his life and between aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas and just everybody in my entire family, for his birthday we decided to have a fundraiser and we raised over $650.00 that we asked to go straight back to the NICU. Since then, I have met some wonderful members of the staff and we have planned different projects to put together for the NICU, we’re trying to create a Hall of Fame for other families. When they’d go into the waiting room it could be a very scary situation and so when they see pictures of babies that have graduated, which, you know, when they get out of the hospital they call them graduated, that’s kind of giving them hope and Tanner’s picture is the first picture hanging. Tanner has donated a rocking chair. We donate beanie babies all the time to the preemies. I just think that if someone is taking care of you and your life it’s your responsibility really to help pay back or pay it forward, so to speak, and I will continually, for the rest of my life, try to do as much as I can to let these people know how much they have done for me and for my family.