Decorating a Store Bought Wreath
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If you are ready to add that holiday decor, but are not comfortable crafting, it is time to head to the store. Better Homes and Gardens expert, Madison, shows us how to make the most of a store bought wreath.


Rhiannon Ally: If you’re ready to end that holiday décor but you’re just not comfortable crafting, it’s time to head to the store. Better Homes and Gardens expert Madison shows us how to make the most of the store back wreath. Madison Mayberry: This wreath is a natural for the holidays with layers of beautiful, seasonal colors and textures. This wreath combines favorite fall elements with beautiful holiday greenery. To get started, I purchase a wreath of fresh greens. I’m going to dress it up a little bit with some natural elements on my own. Box wood is the first tradition, and it is a wonderful thing to add the wreath because it doesn’t dries, it turns a beautiful shape of green that really differentiates it from the green ray that’s already in the wreath. When your adding box wood makes sure that you’re working in the direction that the greenery is already going. I have whole assortment of other natural elements, I have some grasses and some lemon leaves. But I’m going to start with pine cones because they need to be attach with a little bit of flow wire. This is a great tip anytime you want to add any element that’s going to be wired on. Start at the back of the wreath and push the wire through to the front then make a loop and work the other end of the wire through until you have both ends showing in the front. Stick your pine cone in and simply twist right around the pine cone and making sure it’s nice and secure. All my natural elements are going to be added in around the pine cones. No matter what element you have start with the biggest elements and then work down to the smallest the most fragile. Our lemon leaves happen to be the biggest so we’re going to place the lemon leaves at the base of this pine cones. After the lemon leaves the next biggest element that I have are these grasses. And they’re also going to be a place next to the pine cone followed by bee’s grasses and you’ve got yourself a coater. Once you have your natural elements place in the wreath, you’re ready to add a ball. It’s fine to use a store back bow but if you want to create your own bow it gives you a lot of options as far as size is concern and color of the ribbon. I want my bow to cover the entire within the wreath so I have made my loops just about the same width. It’s all about the figure wreaths for this bow and the loops so, I’m working in a figure wreath pattern and synching it in the middle. To make sure that you have a nice and full bow about 16 loops is appropriate looks like I’ve got enough now so I’m going to bunch it up in the middle. Take another one of my floral wires and wrap it up in the middle, nice and tight. Snip that extra end off and you’re ready to start flapping which is the part that makes the bows so beautiful. And pull those loops towards the center a little bit so that you cover up the section that you tied with the floral wire and there we go. This is a great time to extenuate where your clusters are, right around the pine cones by adding a decorative ribbon. It’s also wonderful to fill in any holes that you might have with some ribbon and we’ve add that nice pop of color. The best part about using all this natural elements is that each wreath is going to look a little bit different. Just the way that needs your intended.