Deals, Returns Highlight Post-Christmas Shopping
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The day after Christmas, shoppers returned to stores around the country. Some hunted bargains, others cashed in gift cards and returned unwanted gifts. (Dec. 26)


[Notes:VO: PEOPLE OUTSIDE TOYS R US. SOURCE: AP. LOCATOR: NY 12/26/11]CHRISTMAS BELLS STILL RUNG OUTSIDE THE TOYS R US STORE IN NEW YORK'S TIMES SQUARE--THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS. THE HOLIDAY IS OVER--BUT NOT THE SHOPPING SPIRIT.The SIDEWALK WAS ALSO JAMMED OUTSIDE MANHATTAN'S FAMED FLAGSHIP MACY'S STORE.SOME OF THE FOLKS AP SPOKE WITH WERE GIVING BACK, RATHER THAN BUYING.(SOT: Patty penrose/SHOPPER)14:06:11 I will be returning my forever lazy which is like a full size snuggie zip up with a little escape hatch in the back. I wasn't a fan.(SOT: roni garnet/SHOPPER)14:03:24 I returned a ralph lauren jacket and the experience was terrible and returned IMC woman's outfit and it was great. The experience was great.THE NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION SAYS THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS IS ONE OF THE TOP FIVE DAYS OF THE YEAR FOR AMERICAN RETAILERS. [Notes:NOTE: AUDIO ONLY](SOT: Kathy Grannis, spokeswoman, National Retail Federation)(3rd cut)overall, the week after christmas can account as much as 10 to 15 percent of retailers' holiday sales,[Notes:VO: SHOPPERS LOCATOR: WASHINGTON. SOURCE: AP 12/26/11]DESPITE THAT SURGE, STORES WERE RELATIVELY QUIET MONDAY MORNING AT THIS URBAN MALL IN WASHINGTON, D-C.[Notes:NOTE: AUDIO ONLY](SOT: Kathy Grannis, spokeswoman, National Retail Federation)(4th cut)we're not expecting consumers to splurge in any way, but it does look like we may come out on top with an actual modest positive successful holiday season.(SOT: rani robelus/working today)10:11:54 I really don't like to shop when it's crowded so anytime that there are going to be a lot of people around I'm not going to be shopping.BUT THERE WERE BARGAIN HUNTERS.(SOT: Melissa ward/SHOPPER)10;12:37 I always shop the day after christmas. Why's that? Cause usually things are half off and I can save them for next year. AND CERTAINLY A FEW FOLKS REDEEMING GIFT CARDS THEY FOUND UNDER THE TREE.MATT FRIEDMAN. ASSOCIATED PRESS.(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: matt friedman---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: ap