Dealing with Your Dog's Separation Anxiety
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Learn how to cope with your dog's separation anxiety, a common problem with new dogs, and what you can do to help your pet relax.


Now, another common problem that people have with dogs at home is that old chestnut, separation anxiety and this is when you leave the dog alone and you come back and you found the dog has chewed the sofa and had been howling and barking and again this is a really common problem. Again, thankfully not one that seems to bother Jack too much. Another couple of really good ways of sorting this out and the first one is just to get the dog used to you going out without making a room around. So pick up your keys and head out through the door and stay out a couple of minutes and make each time you go out, stay out for a little bit longer and then come back in again, and just get the dog accustomed to you leaving and that it's not the big deal. Then when you come back in, the last thing you want to do is when the dog is really excited is make a fuss of, you just want to completely ignore the dog when you come back in until he's completely calmed down and this way they will realize that you're leaving the house and coming back, not a big deal. There's no reason for them to get upset and excited. If that doesn't work, you can try some other techniques and that can involve putting sound of your voice on a CD. So record yourself reading a book for example and play this in the other room. So they think you're still there when you'll not. So put it on a CD player, put the dog in the kitchen and then just they'll hear your voice in the background and if you do that, you should really get out of the problem of separation anxiety. So in conclusion, the important thing to do is just not to make the fuss of the dog. So the dog gets used to you leaving the house, coming back, without it being a big deal.