Dealing with Colic
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As the father of a newborn baby, Daddy Brad is dealing with a common parenting issue, colic. In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay attempts to help him alleviate the problem by seeking the advice of a few experts. Pediatrician and "Baby 411" author Dr. Ari Brown and Carrie Contey, PhD., discuss what causes colic in newborns, treatments for crying babies, and give some tips to parents on how to deal with the stress and tired feeling that it causes.


Clay: Welcome back to the lab I'm daddy clay. Brad: I'm daddy Brad, thanks to our sponsor baby Bjorn sponsoring the lab. Clay: Brad why we just give the product well try to get. Brad: Why Clay: You just seem a little tired. Brad: I'm tired today, but hear is a deal. I want to know what's colic, why is my kid getting it, why are you eating, and what can I do to get rid of the colic, I'm going. Clay: Todays episode is brought to you buy baby Bjorn plus baby carrier area, you know some studies have shown them, wearing a baby can actually reduce crying time that cure colic we are considering, help this baby carrier here is that a great way to do that. You know I think we need to get that daddy Brads help, so let's ask the experts. Dr. Ari Brown: Nobody really knows what causes colic it start to be intestinal immaturity, or little bit of neurologic immaturity but for what ever the reason some babies are really afflicted by colic for a short period of time. Dr. Carrie Contey: The whole point of a baby crying is to be look alarm, its just this sounding the alarm and so for the baby the alarm might be saying, I am hungry or I am over stimulated that's the common one per babies, is that I have just taken in too much from the day and now I just have cry to get back to balance. Dr. Ari Brown: People bit trying to treat colic for eternity, there are lot of things possible try you can try gas drops, you can try grape water, there is an new probiotic healthier called lactophisils so readily which actually has some scientific it motion seems to be helpful so some times parents will go for car ride, or go for nightly walk around the neighborhood and there is still there, those things all help a little bit but the truth is the key to treatment is time. Dr. Carrie Contey: For parents I think what happens is they feel in their hearts so much empathy for the child and there are alarm to going of saying this is okay, what's wrong with the baby, now we need to make it stop because its both, seems hard for the baby and its hard for us to be in around, and that just raises the distress levels. Dr. Ari Brown: The best remedy is to one is to stay calm and be patient, two is know that your baby is okay and there is nothing really medically wrong and three is to get some help and that means you are getting out of the house If you can take it any more. Dr. Carrie Contey: And that energy that you bring to the baby is going to communicate to the baby well, I see you are having a tough time but we are okay. We are not in danger, we are safe and by doing that, its going to help the baby even if the baby keeps crying its going to help the baby calm down sooner, because they are not just reacting what's going on their body and your stress, they are just having to take care of the own stress. Clay: But really its hard to overstate just how tough colic is own family, so moms and dads are like how is it impacting you right now. Brad: Do entire. Clay: Now I got that I mean your whole personal like you who is tired right now. You tells you have to do things differently, then you normally do because of you're your fatigue. Brad: Posted nuts I got a post, posted nuts, like in the car, and like get the dog out of the back seat has one. Clay: Yeah we once had a puppy tragedy here, that's were head quarters because of the colic by the colic I survived all through my kids were colic I realize what respected they came in saying when I decided to sit down and have a conversation with new born about their irrational behavior, why are you crying, because you are well fed, your cloth, your love, that help except it at the actual conversation was like that actually. Why is it so irrational? You are fine and its just hard on your marriage there is no doubt that. Brad: Don't just shut up, don't talk. Clay: There is nothing to talk about, now table all issues take care of those from the colic has cleared up, don't tackle any significant matter, you should just don't even talk about breakfast, you might not want to even say a word between like a 11 at night and 10 in the morning. Brad: The old English, what they said put cotton in the ears and Jim in the stomach. Clay: We want to thank our sponsors baby Bjorn, and you have these days have shown that babies that are carried cry less and a great way to that because with these baby carrier air from baby Bjorn, it keep survive colic if you are colic survivor like we are talking about stress is that you used in your home join the conversation there at and just go on daddy labs profile, and just drop a note about how great you look. Brad: You know what some cultures colic free. Clay: Will see you next time here in the lab. There is no, there is no colic free cultures, and there is no the other baby free cultures. Brad: Yeah you just craw like crazy, crazy.