David Chang on What a Great Chef Is
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David Chang, chef and owner of the Momofuku Restaurants, talks about what it takes to become a great chef. He also talks about the difference between a great chef and a great cook.


I think a great chef is something that inspires, esteem, and continues to push the envelop cooking wise while maintaining the integrity of the culinary tradition that goes, that can [Muffled]. [Music playing] Being a great chef and being a great cooker. Completely two different things. Sometimes it is a better cook than the chef. You know, the chef, you wanted to be the best that in the kitchen at everything. And traditionally, that is the case but, there comes a point when the chef is sort of removed from cooking on the day to day basis sometimes. A great cook does not always translate to be in a great show. I think that is the thing. For whatever reason you need the tangibles now it is a lot more difficult now I think to be a chef because of he media pressures, working the PR, knowing what to say, managing people again and running a restaurant, finances. There are so many things involved now that it was not before. You did not need these traits to be a great chef, say 20 years ago. And now you need to have a assortment or skills where many hands and sometimes that is really difficult. [Music playing]