Dating Advice for Over 50
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Barry Rosenthall dispenses some great advice for dating when your over 50.


Hi, I am Barry Rosenthal and I live on Martha’s Vineyard and Gretel, Massachusetts to be exact. I own an ad agency, national ad agency called BR Creative. You check it out at and I also own a night club at Martha’s Vineyard called Outer Land it used to being called the Hot Tin Roof and do not ask me why. I just became single and I am over 50. So this topic is how to date or what to look for in a date when you are over 50. Well first, for one of the things is, that people over 50, over 40 or whatever, most people come with a lot of this baggage. So the first thing is you have to be willing to compromise. Be flexible, get to know somebody but also know the person. You probably are not going to change that person as if you were maybe in your 20s or something. The second thing is disease. When I dated in my 20s, there was not AIDS, there was not a lot of different communicable diseases that there are now, but there are now. So the right way to do it is to get tested. Have your partner get tested, of course wear a condom but a lot of people do not and that can be dangerous. So, really, really you need to trust the person if you are not going to wear a condom, and I think a lot of people is reluctant to do that. So be careful. And also be honest and I think a lot of people when they get to be my age, get close-minded. I think it is really important to be open-minded. Again, be prepared to compromise, learn someone else. It is a great time of life. We should be traveling now, our kids are growing up. It is a good time to date, so have a good date.