Dangerous Chemicals Parents Should Worry About
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In this video, we learn about harmful chemicals, and what are the main chemicals parents should worry about in schools


Male Speaker: What are the main chemicals parents should worry about at schools? Michael Schade: Some of the chemicals that we are most concerned about in children's schools are some of the same ones that we also find in our homes. Pesticides are particular concern in schools specially when you consider that children are susceptible for the harmful effects that these pesticides can cause. So pesticides are one class of chemicals. Cleaning chemicals such as chlorine-based bleach, ammonia, and other harmful cleaning chemicals or others that we are particular concerned about, PVC building material such as flooring or another class of chemicals that we are concerned about because PVC building materials can phthalates and VOCs and other harmful chemicals into schools. So these are examples of some of the chemicals that we commonly encounter in schools that students and teachers and the janitorial staff come in contact with, which can potentially harm their health.