Dana Glazer on the Evolution of Dad Movie
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In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy talks with filmmaker and dad Dana Glazer about his documentary film "The Evolution of Dad". The movie explores how fatherhood is evolving and changing, and includes interviews with experts and dads. Other topics featured are how fathers deal with the work/family balance, and parental leave in the United States.


Troy: Today’s episode is sponsored by Baby Bjorn, fatherhood friendly. Just check out the box. Hey welcome back to Dad Labs, I'm Daddy Troy. Today I'm talking with Danny Glazer of Evolution of Dad, the movie. It’s a documentary all about the evolution of dad. Danny, thanks for being with us today. Danny: Thank you so much for having me in the show. Troy: Tell me, so what's the pitch? Tell me what Evolution of Dad is about. Danny: The Evolution of Dad is basically about how fatherhood is finally starting to grow up and evolve and change. And we explore that as well as with all the obstacles are there keeping dads from becoming everything that they possibly can be. Troy: You have some experts in the movie. You’ve interviewed a lot of real dads on the street as well as in their homes. And you give a new image for what the new fatherhood really looks like as opposed to what the media shows us. Danny: I try to portray fatherhood for really for what it is. And I think that there are, a majority of dads out there, dads are really working as hard as they can to be as involved with their family as they can be. I think that's what I really try to represent in this film and the subjects that I chose are dads who I think are having a unique for the camera, but also are heroic. And you can see that in a lot of fathers. Troy: one of the things that comes out in your movie is that a large part of the development of new fatherhood is the work home dynamic. Can you speak to that a little bit? Danny: Yeah. A work-family balance. I mean that that is one of the most unspoken things that dad and parents really contend with in our culture. Most dads wanting to the fact that there are corporations or companies are saying, congratulations on being a father, now please go back to work as quickly as you can. Still there's no support for guys to getting to know their kids. And you see this in particularly on how our country treats the parental leap. We're the only, not only industrialized left pretty much, that doesn’t have paid parental leave at some point. Troy: Yeah, one of my favorite scene in the movie is when you're interviewing people and you asked them, is it valuable to spend for dad to spend time with his kids? And without fail, they all say yes. Then you interviewed these same people about dads, stay at home dads, work at home dads, and their reaction is totally different. Was that a trick editing, or did that happen across the board when you interviewed people? Danny: No, the whole purpose of this film is really try to have it as realistic to what I experienced. It just adds to the confusion that's out there. And people understand fatherhood, it’s like this, fatherhood is important, now back to work dad. That’s the suicidal message, that’s that underlying message that’s going on. And people are very confused by that. Troy: The website is, evolutionofdad.com. Hey Danny, thanks so much for being with us today. And I look forward to discussing more of this, visit DadLabs.com. We’ll have a forum set up to talk about the movie as well as the mini issues we've talked about in today’s interview. We’ll see you next time. Danny: Okay, thank you so much. Troy: Thanks Danny.