Daddy Clay's Picks from the ABC Kids Expo
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We've seen the favorite baby products from the ABC Kids Expo that Daddy Brad and Daddy Troy picked out. Now it's Daddy Clay's turn. He highlights two nightlights - the OK To Wake! Owl from Onaroo and the GLO nightlight from Boon. Sports fans will remember the iconic scene of quarterback Drew Brees and his son wearing earphones after the Super Bowl. Banz has some great sound dampening headphones to protect your baby's hearing from loud noise.


Hey there! Welcome back to the ABC Baby Show. I'm here at the BabyBjorn booth which is of course the coolest corner of the over one million square feet of booths here dedicated to the infant, toddler, preschool market. I've walked every square inch of this place to find for you five interesting products I want to tell you about. One is from Onaroo. It's the Ready to Wake Owl. Basically, this is a night light that you use to train your kid not to get up too early. It's got a little alarm clock that's sort of built in that tells when it's okay for the kid to wake. When the kid wakes up too early, they interact with this nightlight and it tells them to stay in bed. It's not time yet. When they've slept in late enough, it turns green indicating to them that it's okay to go bother mom and dad. Now obviously, there's going to be some time training to the kid to pay attention to this nightlight but if it buys you ten extra minutes of sleep, this is a very cool product. Now, of course, we know that Boon is the master of creating really cool products. Please check out their Glo nightlight. Is this thing incredible? Look at the cool sculptural form, along with these three removable balls. The cool lights change and then you can take this ball out of the sculptural form, give it to the kid and they can take the glowing ball with them to bed. How cool is that? It's an iconic moment in sports. The victorious quarterback rained with confetti at the end of the Super Bowl. This year, we had and iconic parenting and fatherhood moment when Drew Brees hoisted his baby son aloft wearing what? A pair of protective earphones and it led us to remember this could be something really important. Now, our friends at Banz have brought out a set of headphones for the baby. These are sound dampening headphones that could be applied in a number of different environments. Imagine going to a movie that might be a little bit too loud for a baby. That's a perfect place. Fireworks, an air show, anywhere where there might be sudden loud noises. These headphones help protect baby's hearing because after all, they can't tell us when the music is too loud. Cool product. Our old friends at the Diaper Dude have also got a cool new product here at the show. It's father and son tie kits. Check these out, skinny ties for cool guys. Matching father and son ties, of course, dad can sport his skinny 80's throwback ties. I can remember the 80's. Can you? And also, one that matches just for the child. You can see it's got a cool zipper function. I can imagine holidays coming up; it's tough to talk the kids into getting dressed up but with this cool kit, dad sporting the same tie as kiddo. You zip it up, no problem and off you go to the Thanksgiving dinner. Very cool product from the Diaper Dude. Finally, from Munchkin, very simple device. Check this out. It's a stroller hook and basically, this is just a glorified large carabiner that's got this cool easy grip open and close. You can use this to throw on a couple of shopping bags or something you've picked up during the day to the back of the stroller. It's very simple, very elegant. Cool little solution which we've come to expect from Munchkin. Very cool design. So, there are five quick and easy products from the million square feet of exhibit space here at the ABC Baby Expo. We'll definitely put some links to where you can get all these products on Thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time here in The Lab.