Cutting Grass Too Short When Landscaping
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Our expert panel and commentators discuss cutting grass too short.


Male: This mistake will have you seeing green by cutting your grass too short. Paul James: Here’s one that just really gets me is folks who cut their grass too shirt. You see it all the time. Steve Watson: If your front yard looks like the fairway at The Masters at Augusta National, you have clearly cut your grass too short. Justin Cave: I think the logic behind it is, if you think you’re cutting the grass shorter that means you have to mow it less that’s actually not the case and you can do more harm than good. If you scalp the lawn when you cut it too short, if the sun comes up and next thing you know you’ve got a bear patch on your lawn and that opens it up for a whole another can of worms like insects and disease. Steve Watson: I like my grass because they’re around two to three inches and then they’re going to look greener and look a lot lusher and it just look softer and more inviting. Tiger Palafox: If you want to cut your lawn at different lengths throughout the year, during the summer time, you want to give your lawn a little bit more shade so you have the blades draw just a little bit more so that way the water doesn’t evaporates them quick but during the winter time, you want to make sure that evaporates so you do cut it a little bit shorter so that way the sun like could actually get into the soil. William Moss: You have got to let the lawn grow to three inches from May through September. Justin Cave: It’s a better idea just to cut it a little bit taller and it’s going to be a lot better in the long run. You’re going to have a much healthier lawn. Male: So don’t cut your grass too short but do adjust your lawnmower blades for a healthy lawn.