Creating Cool Birth Announcements
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What could be more fun, with a brand new baby in the house, than sitting down and writing a bunch of letters to people you rarely see? Lots of things. But you should probably do it anyway. And dads can offer valuable assistance in this task. Pregnant and new moms appreciate the support.


Brad Powell: So you are bringing this new baby home and it's magical. It's your new family. What should you to do to celebrate this new arrival. Clay Nichols: Write the bunch of letters to people you haven't seen and you must. Brad Powell: That's right, we are talking about birth announcements. Clay Nichols: Welcome back to the lab, I am Daddy Clay. Brad Powell: And I am Daddy Brad. Clay Nichols: So what's the deal with these birth announcements anyway. I mean, if it's me, I just send out an email blast or out a couple of pics on Facebook, boom I am done. Brad Powell: And yet somehow, you are still married. Clay Nichols: Twitter, like Twitter is made for birth announcements, right? A 150 characters, you could get it done, Marry Smith, 11-12-O8, baby girl, eight pounds, 12 ounces, 18 inches, mom happy, baby happy, done. Brad Powell: Jesus. And thanks to folks like our sponsors this week, Stork Avenue, they have made getting birth announcements really easy Clay Nichols:. Yes, it's simple. You go to their site, you pick a style that you like, personalize the information, boom baby announcement. Brad Powell: You have anything that you do with the newborn in the house, it's going to be difficult. Clay Nichols: Birth announcements is one of those things that really stresses out new parents, especially moms. They are worried, they feel guilty, they haven't sent it, but they have got new baby in the house. Brad Powell: Make it easy on yourself, get a lot of stuff done ahead of time. Clay Nichols: You know dad, maybe you should take this one on. What if you create a mailing list for the birth announcements, sometime early in the third trimester and if you are really a super type A dad, you can actually order your envelopes ahead of time from places like Stork Avenue, it's easy. Brad Powell: Now typically birth announcements spread out in the first month or two, but you are now like, give yourself a little break on the time line, people understand that you have a new baby at home. Clay Nichols: Big decision, photo or no photo. Brad Powell: Or that old school, text only Clay Nichols: Yeah I wouldn't do the same things, just kind of the classic approach, but photos can be pretty cute. Brad Powell: Yeah, but due to the pressure. Think about it, you are going to need the perfect picture picture and the kid has got a cone head, just tough. Clay Nichols: Yeah. I like the personalization of that photo, but some parents like, fan dad who wants the picture of the new born and like the college gear, kind of magazine photo. I am not totally sure about that, although I did have one buddy who is big fisherman. He had got always fishing gear rigged up and he had got the baby and kind of had the baby in the fishing net and the caption of photo was, she is a keeper. Brad Powell: I am sure, you have put that -- Clay Nichols: She is a keeper. Brad Powell: -- in a fishing net, it's not not really. It's kind of safe, but on another hand to consider cost. Without a photo you've got 50 cents to buck per, with a photo, you double it, a dollar to a dollar and fifty, add in postage and you have got to order at least 12-24, money. Clay Nichols: Let's dig into the numbers here a little bit because you know the deal is, when some people who get a baby announcement will send a gift, alright? So its kind of like a baby shower. So what you think, your yield? Brad Powell: Your yield. Clay Nichols: If you send in a 100, you are going to get what, 10% yield. Okay, so say, your cost is a buck fifty per, your average baby gift is worth about $15, so you are cutting -- $150 cost to send a 100 announcements, you get $10-$15 gifts back, you are breaking even. If you find a way to push that yield up a little, I mean, you can some coin. Brad Powell: That's a cynical thing I have ever, ever heard you say. Clay Nichols: Just saying. Brad Powell: Yield. How about having precious newborn child. Clay Nichols: Do you? Brad Powell: Give me some shag. Thanks again to our sponsors, Stork Avenue, you can check out all their cool birth announcements over to Clay Nichols: Well, that's all for us, this week in the lab. Hey, if you've got some ideas about cool and creative ways to create birth announcements, or mistakes to avoid, join the conversation at, we want to hear from you. That's all from us, this week here in the lab. Brad Powell: So, did you had a lot of input in the announcements for your kids? Clay Nichols: I pray that my wife never sees this video.