Creating a Neighborhood Hangout for Kids
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Do you want your house to be the neighborhood hangout? Your yard to be the meet up for the local rugrats? Our experienced parents debates the pros and cons of having the coolest yard on the block. Watch as Daddy Brad dishes the real dirt in this episode of the Lounge.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the tiniest bar in Texas in beautiful downtown Austin. I am Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: I am Daddy Clay. Daddy Troy: And I am Daddy Troy. Daddy Clay: This is the show where we discuss important parenting topics of the day among ourselves and with experienced parents on our panel. This week’s show is brought to you by One Step Ahead—the best place for gear for your baby every step of the way, One Step Ahead. And today’s topic is – Daddy Brad: Was your backyard the neighborhood hangout? Daddy Clay: My dad manufactured trampolines. We had the biggest, fanciest trampoline in the world. Daddy Brad: My next door neighbor had a pile of dirt. Do you know what you can do with dirt? Daddy Clay: Dirt. Male 1: We had a dirt bikes when I grew up and the kids would come over and ride the dirt bike around the backyard. I do not know if I would do that now. Daddy Brad: I am getting the big pile of dirt next week. Male 1: There is no mobiles now, I will let other kids ride. It is like they are wearing puffy clothes and the snow is another layer. Daddy Brad: Kids love dirt! Female: I grew up in a farm in the middle of nowhere. Daddy Brad: Come over and milk the cow, of course. Female: No, we didn’t do that. Daddy Clay: Do you want your house to be the backyard hangout? Male 2: You want to have your kids there, you do not have to be running around after them. Male 1: I would say I have mixed feelings. This is like wanting the girl with the beautiful hair and then you get her and you got hair all over house. You know, you want that and then you get it and then you shoot yourself for getting it. Daddy Brad: She is not a cat dude! The chick is two-day shit—I’ve been a shit, I want a comb. If they do that, you miss— Daddy Clay: But is it hard if you, if constantly you got kids and aren’t your kids in your house— Male 1: Would you make them sign a waiver? Daddy Troy: It is a good question, you suddenly incur lots of liability. Do you feel comfortable having your house be the place for everybody collect. When somebody gets hurt, do you discipline the other kids? Do you feel like you are empowered and then tell the kids that they are breaking the rules, that they are jerk-jumping three on one on the trampoline? Male 1: I would not beat them. Daddy Brad: You are a damn pile of dirt and you get to make the rules. Daddy Clay: If you buy the only ‘we’ in the neighborhood, you are screwed. They dance around when they play that damn thing! And it wears out the carpet. They throw those things through the windows and before you know it, they are watching porn! [Laughter] Daddy Brad: There is a paretic baby on the news. [Laughter] Oh Yes! Daddy Troy: Well, that is all this week from the Lounge at the tiniest bar in Texas. Daddy Clay: If you got ideas about how to make your backyard party central or even if you want to, please drop us a comment. In doing so, you will automatically be registered for our weekly giveaway. This week it is a good one. It is a— Daddy Brad: Really cool pop up tent and tunnel! Daddy Clay: Well, thank you for that from One Step Ahead, our sponsor. Great gear every step of the way, One Step Ahead. That is all for us this week here in The Lounge. Daddy Clay: That is a real dad over there. Those are the stripes, it’s the sergeant bars of being a father—that’s the vomit.