Creating a Google Health Profile for Someone Else
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You're not limited to just tracking your own medical data with Google Health. If, for example, you're the primary care giver for an elderly parent or if you have young children whose allergies and medications you want to track, Google Health is a powerful tool.


If you care for someone else, you can create a Google Health profile for them so you can keep track of their medical history and medications. Click on add a profile and give it a name. Most likely, you want to use the name of the person you're caring for. But you can call it whatever you like. Click on save. And then add this to Google Health. Here you can add their conditions, medications, allergies, procedures, test results, or immunizations. So that you can track what's going on with them medically. This can be for your sick family members or even just your children as a way to keep track of their entire medical history throughout their life. Everything can be added here. From when they needed to get their next tetanus shot to the names of the members of all of their doctors. Whether you use this while caring for someone who is ill or just to keep track of someone’s all over health, it’s important to know that the information is available if needed. Thanks for watching, and don’t miss the first five episodes in the tracking your health with Google Health series.