Crayola Crayon Maker Review
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As parents, we're used to tossing out broken crayon pieces that our kids no longer want to use. However, Crayola has come up with a new product, the Crayola Crayon Maker that will make kids want to save their crayons for a new project. Daddy Troy got the scoop on the toy at a recent toy fair in New York City. Children can place small or broken Crayola Crayons and the machine will melt and swirl them to make new colors. The Crayon Maker is fun and useful for dads, moms, and kids.


Daddy Troy: Hey, welcome back to DadLabs. I'm Daddy Troy. Today I'm with Stacy of Crayola. We're at the Time to Play Holiday Showcase here in New York City. And they've got a great new product; it's called the Crayon Maker. And so it's going to tell you what you can do with your kid's broken crayons? What are you going to do with them? Well, you're going to make new ones. Stick around and we'll tell you all about it. Child: We put those crayons in and they're melting now. And my red ones, they're melting faster. Daddy Troy: So, you've got a bunch of old crayons around the house, and you don't know what to do with them, you can make news ones out of them. Stacy: Absolutely. Kids love the fascination with making their own stuff. And we came up with a very cool way to bring the Crayola Crayon making process to kids with the Crayola Crayon Maker. Basically, just like you said, all those worn down little pieces of Crayola Crayons that are all around the house, they are trying collecting that don't have a useful life anymore, well, they can be very useful because you can break them up, and you can situate them in this tray. Daddy Troy: Now you're putting pink and green and purple together. Is that okay? Is it all going to come out brown? Stacy: No, it's going to come out very swirled and cool looking. That's the part that kids love about this is that every color is different and then they can have the fun of making up all sorts of wild and wacky names for the colors. So you place them in the tray, and you close the lid. There's a mold here that will eventually catch the melted wax. You turn on the timer. This is AC powered so you just plug it into an outlet. The light will come on. Daddy Troy: You can see the light on here. Stacy: Yeah, and you know what happens when you have crayons in your hot car in the summer, kind of the same thing here. You've got the light that will melt the crayons down. In about ten minutes, it'll be this really cool, swirly liquid wax which I love. And then you turn this dial forward, I'll just demonstrate that a little bit. Daddy Troy: So once they've melted, is there a bell or something that tells you they're done? Stacy: Actually, the light will go off. That means they're melted, they're ready to pour, and these molds will fill up. Daddy Troy: You turn that up, it held the mold - Stacy: You get these really awesome swirled colors. Daddy Troy: Oh that's so much fun. Stacy: So everyone is unique. And that's what, moms love the fact that kids can play forever with this toy and kids love that every crayon they make is unique and different, and it's like their own personal creation. Daddy Troy: It sure is. So what's the function of this piece of plastic right here? Stacy: It's really to join the two ends together because you're going to make four half size pieces of crayons. But you can, you end up with one double-ended crayon -- or two double-ended crayons after each batch. Daddy Troy: Sure, they can hold that and write with that and color with that. We did an episode a while back about using brand name crayons, Crayola Crayons, because they're so good compared to the cheap crayons you might get at some sort of restaurant. What makes your crayons so special, you guys have a patented process or something or what? Why are they so good? Stacy: One is we're just rabid about quality, and everything we do is high quality. So you're going to get extra pigment. The wax is a high quality. We have out secret formula with the smell, no other smell where crayon smells like a Crayola Crayon. Daddy Troy: Hey Stacy, thanks so much for showing us. We love Crayola. This is called the Crayon Maker. And what's the price point on this one? Stacy: $29.99 Daddy Troy: Oh that's a deal. I love it. Keep making crayons over and over again. We'll see you next time on DadLabs.