Craigslist Fundamentals - #5 - How to Post an Ad on Craigslist
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Whatever it is you want to sell or otherwise offer, chances are that craiglist will have a buyer. In this tutorial, Molly McDonald shows us how to post an ad on craigslist. These tips will help you to rent out an apartment, sell a car, get rid of junk, list a garage sale or look for a job on craigslist.


Craigslist Fundamentals - #5 - How to Post an Ad on Craigslist Let’s get right into placing your ad. Click on Post To Classifieds. If you signed up for an account, make sure you’re singed in. You don’t need an account but it helps. Now click on what type of posting it is; jobs offered, wanted, housing, for sale, item wanted, etc. If you’re posting a job in San Francisco, the cost is $75. This is per category. So if you post a job in two categories, the price doubles. However, different cities carry different prices, so check out the Help section to see how much it cost in your city. For example, it’s only $25 in New York City and pretty much anything besides jobs is free. I am going to sell my couch. So, I will click on For Sale and place in a category which is Furniture by Owner. Then select my area and my neighborhood. Now, I’ll just give my post a title and turn a price and then choose to hide an email address altogether which would mean that I would need to leave a phone number or email address in the post itself or I can have Craigslist to create an anonymous email address for me which will be forwarded to my real e-mail address. Then entering your description and be as detailed as possible. You can also add photos from your computer. You can add up to four. Click on Continue and here is a preview of what my ad will look like. If you want to go back and make changes, click Edit or else click on Continue. Type in the text you see in the box and then click on Continue again. I will receive a copy of my ad in my email and it will be posted in about 15 minutes. If at anytime you want to remove your ad, just go to your account. Here is my listing. I’ll just click on the title and click on Delete. Yes, I am sure and Delete again. That’s it. Since I signed up for an account, I can manage multiple listings right from here. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to check out the next episode in the Fundamentals of Craigslist Series.