Craft Tables for Kids Review
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Daddy Troy reviews his favorite craft table for kids. He found these height-adjustable tables at the suggestion of a kindergarten teacher, and they rock. Sturdy and kid-friendly, these tables invite more frequent arts and crafts play in the home.


Daddy Troy: Hey welcome back to gear daddy. I'm your host Daddy Troy, and we are going to hunt for a perfect table for about a half-a-year. Now I think I found one stick round and I tell you all about it. Well in our house, our kids eat a diner table with us and they all set in booster seats, but one day we realize that our kids are really what using the family dinner table as a craft table is always hard for them to do anything. So we decided to go and buy a kid size table you look a lot of furniture stores and went to not only liking the quality of what we saw. So I went to her preschool teacher and she said Troy you need to go to buy an industrial strength table one that we use actually in our school. So she supported me to discount school supply, what I really liked about these table is that they are adjustable they can go with the child, and they also sell different size chairs. For instance this purple chair you'll see there is a certain height, and then this blue chair right here is actually slightly larger. What I really liked about the discount school supply website is they tell you what size table is appropriate for what height or age of child. I have two more of these tables are little expensive they are about a $130 a pieces, but I still find it good value for your family because they build a last they are not going to fall apart. The chairs were they get too these are $30 a piece but again they are steady as well. So I really thank it's worth it. Well that's all is good for gear daddy now speaking of design remember what sponsored by babybjorn and they make some of the best designed baby products on the planet. We'll see you next time on gear daddy and all we belong at