Cover Girl Tips For Makeup
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Learn how to apply makeup for lush, full lips, higher cheekbones and much more from WatchMojo's video featuring professional makeup artist Lisa Sim.


Cover Girl Tips for Makeup Lisa Sims: Hi I'm Lisa Sims from Sim Minerals and you’re watching And we’re here with the lovely Joanie from Specs Models. How you doing? Joanie: I'm doing great Lisa, how are you? Lisa Sims: Fabulous. So today we’re going to just talk about faking it—fake boobs, fake lips, contact lenses, teeth whitening or getting them cap, curly hairs, straight hair; there’s all sorts of ways that we can fake our look this days. So today we’re going to talk about how we can fake fuller lips, hide your cheekbones, fuller brows, and lots of lashes. Sounds good? Joanie: Great. Lisa Sims: Alright, let’s go. Put something that has a really thin lip, they can start with a little bit of pencil. Usually going like a little half-shape, darker than your normal, always start with the lips together, and we’re just going to make the line a little bit wider but it’s not overly defined. Now we’re going to do a technique which is a lot like—let’s say if you’re like doing drawing of like, a sphere. And the light hits the sphere, there’s always the highlight and then there’s the shadow. But the lip liner, acts like a shadow, making it look more bulbous and then we’ll put a little bit of highlight in the middle of the lip. So it attracts more light and it pops out a little bit more. So we’ll take something that has a little bit of shimmer in it and just apply it to the center of the lip and blend it into the lip line. So it does give that look of fuller lips. Fake the cheekbones. So how do we do this? We’re going to contour underneath in the hollow, and we’re going to highlight the tops of the cheekbones; so again, the more highlighted area is going to pop-out and the darker color is going to look more recessed—more chiseled. So what I'm going to take is just a little bit of Tony—it’s a bronzer. I'm using an angled brush. Let’s start at the ear and slowly work towards the middle of the face. We’re gong to stop it right at the corner of the eye. Then we can switch over to the highlights. So basically tops of the cheekbone and we can just extend all the way up to the temple. So I'm going back to the same product now. We have Tony which was the bronzer and we’re going to use a brush that’s called a contour brush. We’re going to fake a straighter more aqua line nose. All we start up in the brow and then shade all the way down until you get to the tip. Sometimes we want to like just put a little bit on the end just to stop the line if the nose is too long. And then we just go back to the highlight again and just pass it on the bridge of the top of the nose. And that’s how we get that really nice straight nose. So Joanie has really pretty eyebrows but you could always use a little bit of filling it; so we’re going to go into a medium brown shade and really I think the most important thing for most people is to extenuate the arch of the brow. When we bring out the arch, automatically it makes the brow look more finished and polished. And then there’s the tale of the brow. The next one is like really one of my favorites. This is kind of like my motivation for why I got into make-up—it’s a crease, I don’t have one. I used to look in magazines and be like “How come she got a crease and I’ve got no crease?” So what we’re going to do is that we’re going t actually put light in the middle of the lid, okay; behind the lashes and then in the crease which looks like the little banana thing right over here at the more recessed area. We’d go with the darker shade, and that’s how we’re going to like build up the crease. I going to just take a light based shade, fill in the whole lower lid with the lighter shade; take the same color, lift up the arch and just pop underneath the arch of the brow. We’ll take a little bit of the candle light and we’ll take a little bit of bark, apply it to the corners. Do it with your eyes open; it kind of works for me. It makes it a lot easier to feel where your crease is. And just to give the eyes a real dramatic punch to it, and just to make everything extra-shimmery, take a little bit of shimmer powder—we’re going to use this small sable brush—very flat, and we’re just going to apply it right to the middle of the lip. Next stop—how to fake lashes—thick, luscious lashes. I don’t know if you’ve seen some of those eyelash commercials—it is not real. Queen Latifa doesn’t have eyelashes like that, I'm telling you right now. The tip of it is going to go into the glue; we’re going to hold with the tweezers when you’re looking down, and we’re going to start in the outer corner, and we really want to patch it as close to the lash line as possible. So I’d say three or four we’re going to apply on each side and then what I would recommend is just trimming a couple of them—half the length. So as we get towards the middle of the eye, that there’s a natural gradations, you know. It should be long and flirty on the outside, you know, back to business in the middle. And I'm not going to cut straight across, because if I do that, it’s just going to be all one length. So I'm going to like cut it on a diagonal. So we finished with lashes. We’ve really integrated them really well and the base of your lashes—that they integrate; they’re not just sticking out all over the place. But if you find that it’s too little overt, what we can always do is go back into his shadow; lightly press along the lash line; aim for the roots of the lashes and that’s like the way that you’re going to have the most natural looking line going on; and it would just conceal the fake lashes that are there. Alright, Joanie thank you very much for being such a lovely model. I know that your hair is normally straight but you know, you went curly for the day, like we always want what we don’t have. It’s always like the grass is greener on the other side. Joanie: Absolutely Lisa. Lisa Sim: Yeah. So this is about faking it that I think your boyfriend won't really mind. Joanie: Yeah of course I'm all about enhancing it but it’s staying natural. So while we’re out at least—just mind holding this for me. Lisa Sim: That’s excellent. You’re going all natural, I love it. So I'm Lisa Sim from Sim Minerals; you’ve been watching