Couple Attempts Swim Across Lake Michigan
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A Michigan couple is attempting to swim 50 miles across Lake Michigan to raise awareness about postpartum depression. They hope to complete the swim in 30 to 36 hours. (Aug. 14)


[Location - Date:TWO RIVERS, WISCONSIN -- WBAY --MANDATORY COURTESY -- AUG. 14][Source:][VO:]"the swim is not about us....the swim is about people who are suffering from post partum depression....or those who don't even know they are suffering....there is so much misinformatio...we are trying to raise we can learn the signs...learn the information so they can find.... And help a loved one...most likely all of us....have had somebody is our lives who have suffered a post partum depression....or another name is umbrella of perinatal mood our job really because of the swim to raise awareness...and people will pay attention and learn the signs."[Notes:SOT -- JEFF TOW / SWIMMER]"about a year ago, my wife woke up and looked at me and far across lake michigan do you think it is....i thought about it and said i don't know....maybe 40 or 50 miles....and she says....we should swim across that....and i thought ....It for a minute...and she said....okay....we'll do as crazy as it is....we were both competitive swimmers in college....we have a swimming background....but we had been out of the pool....a lot of years....almost actually out of shape....we started to think...what are some passions in our lives....really there a way to use a swim like this to bring attention to make it even bigger than ourselves."(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: NED BARKER---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: WBAY-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: BOB MCCALL ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: COURTESY ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: E7826AP-MI--Lake Michigan Swim, 2nd Ld-Writethru,1