Cosmos And Vegetables
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Our gardening expert P. Allen Smith adds some zip to his vegetable garden with the help of a great summer flower. Take a look!


In gardening, there is something that can withstand the weather conditions of every season. Take this lettuce for instance, it enjoyed the cool wet spring, but now as summer approaches, it is time to replace it with something that can take hot temperatures and reduced rain fall. You know even though I have a small area here from my vegetable garden, always save room for adding some flowers. Earlier this year I mixed Johnny-Jump-Ups and Pansies with lettuce, broccoli and a rugella. Now before I harvest the last leaves of this lettuce, I want to go ahead and get this cosmos started. Now if you are looking for a great cut flower that you can enjoy all summer long, you really ought to try cosmos, they are sensational. There are several different varieties of cosmos you can choose from, some get tall and lanky but I chose a variety called Sonata. These only grow to about 24 inches, perfect for this limited space. You see what I am creating here is an outdoor bouquet that I can cut and enjoy inside. But I do not too carried away and fill this bed with flowers, I planted some basil and peppers. You see, I like to blur the lines. Now vegetable garden—I mixed it up, herbs, flowers, and vegetable are all welcome. You see I see the vegetable as food for the body. And the flowers well, they are food for the soul. If you would like more information on interesting combinations of vegetable, herbs, and flowers just check out our website. From the garden, I am Allen Smith. If you would like more information on this topic or any other gardening topic just check out my website,