Corned Beef Cabbage
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Make this hearty corned beef cabbage in less than ten minutes.


I'm going to cook up a corned beef and cabbage. I want you to look like sweet Michael did for me. Who said he was good for nothing. He put the bacon on for me. He’s a hungry man, I think. Don’t you? This dish is going to be so quick and so simple for us. We got out bacon cooked, thanks to Michael and we’re going to quickly just cut up our cabbage just like this. I'm going to cut it again. I'm going to cut in quarters and then work from the quarters. I'm going to have separated it here in no time. It’s a very inexpensive meal as well. All right we got our cabbage chopped up and that was easy enough. I’ve got my grease from my bacon but I like two different flavors in my cabbage. So in goes some butter. I'm just going to dump that cabbage right in there like that. This is just real, real easy this way and it’s a lot quicker. Now I'm going to add just a little bit of water because cabbage contains so much water. So you don’t’ want to drown your cabbage. I'm going to add a little bit of salt. We’re going to add a little bit of pepper and we’re going to give that a stir, just a quick stir because we want to coat our cabbage in that seasoning, which is butter and bacon grease. And it don’t take but a minute for cabbage, I like mine with some crispiness to it. I don’t like mine cooked down to mash. This is the way the corned beef comes canned like this and you can find it in your grocery store next to your tuna fish, the yummy Spam and potted meats, the canned shrimp, the canned crab. It’s not a portentous meat but don’t be so snobby now that you don’t try it because it really is good for this extra yummy cooked this way. This is so simple. You just break it into chunks just like that. We have used a fresh corned beef, we’d be talking about four hours. So this is just really—makes eating corned beef and cabbage real, real easy. All right, now I'm going to take this bacon that Michael cooked for me and I am just going to kind of cut it up and chunk it back in the pot. And I may now got supper and it’s been 10 minutes. I’m just going to put the lid back on that and let that corned beef heat through and through. It’s only been 10 minutes in my entrée is ready. So you’re not—ooh, here, it’s sizzling. So you know what that means. It’s time for me to taste. It’s a belly pleaser.