Cooshee Booster Seat Review
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All parents want their toddlers to take part in the family dinner. With this colorful Cooshee booster seat, they can. These booster seats are cool, fun, and safe for kids. A booster chair like this one can make the dinner table fun for children.


Male: We all know how important it is to bring all those kids in for the family dinner. You got to have them in there at the table, 1, 2, and 3 years old, but it’s tough. It’s hard to get them to sit still. But, we got a great product here that’s going to help you do it. This is the baby smart cushy chair. Female: Cooshee boosters. Male: Cooshee booster. Female: With a guarantee. Guaranteed to keep your toddlers sitting longer or your money back. Male: How about that? So these are squishy. I guess that’s how you kind of got the name there. Female: Started out as Cooshee with an I-E, was more of a descriptive term. It’s become now a brand which is Cooshee with the two E’s. Totally molded. No crevices. No nooks and crannies. It’s washable. Male: I thing that I've notice with its seat right away is, there's no buckles, there's no straps. How come that? Female: Its kind of have a little tacky feel to it. It actually adheres to the seat that you're sitting on. Adheres to the child’s body, so the child becomes a part of the booster seat. It becomes part o the chair. One whole unit. ASTM tested, not to tip in all directions. Male: Fantastic. Comfy. Bring them to the table and keep them there. It’s what you need. Bon apetite.