Cool New Features in Windows 7 - #10 - Parental Controls in Windows 7
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Parents are offered a level of control over how kids use the computer in Windows 7. Parental Control features have been present in previous versions of Windows to allow parents to place restrictions on kids' computer use. Parental Controls in Windows 7 have received something of an overhaul and are more powerful than ever before.


Hi, this is Michael Callahan, Dr. File Finder and welcome back to our special ten part series on what's cool in Windows 7. In this final segment we’re going to look at parental controls a very important part of Windows 7 and important to each and every responsible parent. To set those up you first have to make a standard user account for each of your children. To do that in control panel use your accounts and family safety and just go and say user accounts say that you want to create a new user account. I've created one called child. Once you have accounts for each of your children and be sure not to make them administrators press parental controls you see here is the child. Now, set up account child will use the computer, internal controls will on. Now you can set time limits and you can set exact time when the computer can and cannot be use by the child and you could set it up differently for each child. So here you can turn time controls on and off again. Select here when the computer is block and all the spaces in white are when the computer is a lot, click okay. You can also limit games by rating content or title. So you can specifically say that you don’t want your child to play a certain game. Can they play games, yes, do you want to block or allow games by rating their content up to you. Block or allow specific games here again totally up to you. Program limits on or off, child can use off programs, child can only use the programs I allow, if you select that then it will scan your computer pull up a list of programs and you can personally select each program that you want your child to be able to use. So this is a quick look at parental controls in Windows 7. It gives you as a parent the power to put some restrictions as far as what's being use or when it’s being used. This can includes this ten parts series on what's cool in Windows 7. I'm Mike Callahan Dr. File Finder and I like to say that’s all there is to it.