Cooked Carrot Recipe for Baby & Parents
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DadLabs is proud to introduce our new cooking show, PopSizzle. In this episode, new father and Chef Taylor Hall shares two recipes for preparing carrots, one for parents, and one for baby. For dad and mom, he shows you how to cook mashed carrots with dill. The infant recipe uses the BEABA Babycook. Dads and moms can save time and energy by preparing their own meal and baby food at once.


Hello, I'm Chef Taylor Hall, welcome to Pop Sizzle. Hello folks, welcome to the first episode of Pop Sizzle. I'm here to help with the dilemma of the family meal. Today we're going to prepare a nice side dish that's wonderful for both parents and baby. We got our carrots here, we're going to peel. And walah, we have a whole group of carrots peeled here. we're going to top and tail them, trim the ends. It doesn’t really matter exactly to be exact what size of cut you make. As long as we're doing like approximately quarter inch, they are all close to the same size. What we're going to do for the adult preparation of the carrots is throw them in a pot. Approximately, we're going to use 6-8 carrots. And then we're going to have a couple of carrots leftover for the infant that's in the household. We're just going to add enough water here for the adult’s carrots. Just enough water to cover the carrots. Put that on the range on low heat and let that simmer. While that’s going, we're going to set that and forget it. We're going to move on to the infant’s preparation of the carrots. And this device is so simple, you just have the carrots diced up, chopped up, sliced up, and it has a level that you can fill water in the base of the pitcher here. I'm going to add this water into the steaming vessel. That’s the beauty of the BEABA babycook, it steams them to perfection. Cool them out and puree them. I want to share to you that I'm a new father and so I'm understanding the tight schedule we operated under. Little time. The low energy levels, up in the middle of the night. This little device really saves our time. Alright, now while we're finishing up the carrots simmering, we're going to process the dill. You can always substitute the fresh dill for dried dill, however you lose some flavor, freshness, as well as some of the health benefits of the fresh herbs. And so very simply we got the ends trimmed off. We're just going to chop it up, so I'm going to trim off about what we're going to end up with about like say a pack of tablespoon worth of chopped dill. And we're going to check on our carrots again. And with our paring knife and see about doneness. There's a little loser grab that they're having now on the knife. And so they fall off, and so now we know we're pretty much at the finish point. You can go a little over, a little under on the carrots. Some people like their vegetables a little more crunchy. So we're going to drain off that water, the excess water we have here. You can leave a little on the bottom to help process the carrots. So now we have our carrots, we're going to add a pack of butter, which is also not measured, it depends on your taste. And so in this case I'm adding about a tablespoon. We got our fresh dill, typically with soft fresh herbs, you want to add at the end of the cooking process. Otherwise, you’ll cook them out and they’ll be less flavorful in your dish. So now we've added the dill, the carrot, the butter, and we're going to add just a little pinch of salt. Another part of the dish that is adjustable to your palate. We got the smashing tool here. And this is just a simple smasher, you can use for all kinds of vegetables. Its use to smash potatoes, et cetera. You can find it in any cooking store. We're just going to smash these carrots with a little bit of a butter in there. And you're not really trying to make this into a puree. You're just getting them smashed down to where they're at a different texture than just a whole carrot. Now we have the finish product here. So it’s beautiful, it’s healthy, and it’s downright good. And now the light has gone off, the carrots are finish with the cooking process. We're going to discard the water down to level one. It’s hard to see, but there are lines here that point 1-2-3, the levels of water in the pitcher. Add the carrots back to the pitcher, and then this is a pulse mechanism on the blender. So you're operating at a pulse here. And so simple go until it’s at a desired consistency. Typically, you're going to want when you're first introducing solid foods around 5-7 months to your child, you're going to want it pretty heavily processed. And so I think this are just about perfect. So we're just going to pour this out into our dish. Here's our beautiful side items main entrée for the infant. Easily done with very little effort. Alright folks, thank you so much for joining us on first episode of Pop Sizzle, I'm Chef Taylor Hall. And my family and I are going to go and enjoy some lovely carrots.