Considering Suicide - Gina's Story
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Gina shares advice for women suffering with depression and considering suicide.


Considering Suicide - Gina's Story Don’t end your life yet. Don’t do it because you can get help. You can absolutely get help, whether it be a chemical imbalance in your brain or hormonal changes, which mine, I really believe was. There is hope, and there’s a lot to live for, even though you think that there isn’t. I look back at my family, my mother, my aunts, my grandmother, and I can remember my grandfather calling me when my grandma was going through her changes and he said, “Your grandma locked herself in the bathroom.” And she was in there for two days, and we’d go visit her by the bathroom door. And how painful, I mean, I really think that so many women in my family suffered from depression. It may not have been hormonal, or it may have been. It may have been just during their changes in their life. Mine, I look back now, even as a child, and I think I suffered from depression and always could have used a little help there. But, she just needed to get some help. To think that she could have been on the birth control pill for one month, and it would have changed her life. That’s so sad to me, and I look at her pictures, and it’s, you know, and instead what they all did is they, in her case and in my mother’s case, they went to I guess opiates. Is that what they call them? The Valiums and the headache pills, so they’d take, you know, all these pain pills, and it was only making their depression worse.