Considering Girls' Dolls
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In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad ponder the role of dolls in the lives of their daughters. These toys are a common gift for girls and it won't be long before your daughter has a collection of them.


Brad: What in the hell has happened to dolls? Clay: Our recent trips to the toy store have left us a little concerned. Now we’ve seen some dolls that we like or try to pick out as holiday gifts or birthday presents. But frankly as fathers, we also have seen some dolls that, well, scare the crap out of us. Brad: In this segment, we’re going to concentrate on those dolls that we like, the ones that we feel good about our daughter’s playing with. Then we’ll move on to the ones that makes us a little more nervous. Clay: Now, even before you have the first doll in the house, you got a decision to make. Do you want your children to play with dolls or not? Brad: Why no dolls? Clay: Well, I mean, some people might feel like it enforces gender stereotypes. You know, you don’t want your daughter first thing dress her in pink and you know hand her a baby doll, here you go. Here’s your role in society, honey, you know, get to work. Brad: Yeah, but you know, if you ban dolls, what you get as your daughter squad ling in a model pickup truck at Melissa. Clay: Well, we don’t want to get into a nature versus nurture gender stereotype gender role conversation here. So, let’s move on. Let’s just assume that we’ll going to have baby dolls in the house. I do remember we decided to get baby birth for my daughter, and we bought one, and we put in a basket and I left it alone and I came back a couple of years later and they were twenty. So you need to be careful because baby dolls are like trebles, they just explode, they’re all over the place. Brad: How about for boys? What do you think? Boys and dolls? Clay: Sure, why not? How about for you? Brad: Yeah, I’m okay with guys and dolls. But I will tell you, one thing. Clay: The musical, or is it? Brad: Boys and dolls, fine. Be in the lookout for this. My mom, conservative older lady, went to buy a doll for my son. Went to the store, pick one out, I think the doll’s name is Paul, take it to the front, they said Ma’am, you may want to consider another doll. No, no, I like Paul. There were some snickers. Ma’am you may really want to consider another doll. I think your son would like another doll for his son. No, no, no, no, no, I like Paul. They said, Ma’am, Paul is anatomically correct. They’ve got penis dolls now. Clay: Maybe his name should have been Peter. Richard. I thought you had to have like a prescription or be a therapist or something to have an anatomically correct doll. Brad: Very much, very much. Clay: Those were on the market? Brad: If you want a penis doll, you can get one. Clay: Did you see it? Brad: Yeah, it’s kind of funny. Clay: I’m bad. Okay, well you want to watch out if you want to buy a doll for your daughter, you probably don’t want the anatomically correct one, you probably just going to want a standard baby doll, you know, just like this, with the little head. Because what they’re going to do is they going to carry it around, they’re going to put it in a stroller, you know, like one of those grocery cart, they will push it around. And, and basically if your parents come in to town for dinner, then your daughter will of course take the baby doll and she’ll breastfeed effect. So be ready for that. Brad: You know there’s one characteristic that all of these dolls share. Clay: What's that? Brad: They’re bald. Some of them look more like Uncle Fester to me, Chucky or something. There’s some dolls that are squishy and huggable, like those. And then there’s the hard plastic ones, this you can leave out in the rain, then mess them up. And then there’s some other dolls over there. Clay: Well, you know, looking around, I think that most dolls are actually really creepy, I think. They created the eyes that open and close, that freaks me out. And if you could explain to me this Playstation 3 commercial, is how with the baby crying and I think you going to be 15 and maybe Japanese to understand that. If you understand that, please, write in and explain it to me because I don’t get it. Brad: Me neither. You know where I draw the line? Clay: What’s that? Brad: The baby doll that poops. Clay: Yeah they have those now. But I think that you don’t refer a baby that’s two years or younger, they don’t need software with the baby. Just a baby doll that they can hold around. They really don’t need softwares, find the way it is. Now when they get a little bit older, by the time they’re four, the girls are going to start getting interested in a more sophisticated kind of doll known in the industry as a fashion doll. This is the doll that has clothes and hair, I say now it’s a fashion doll. Brad: Yeah and that market segment is dominated by Barbie and Brattz. We’ll talk about those ladies later. Today, we’re going to get focused on these dolls that we think are appropriate for our daughters to play with. Clay: And I’ve got a recommendation, these dolls, these are fashion dolls, you can see they have hairs, they’ve got streaks and sort of trendy, they’ve got groovy clothes, these dolls are called groovy girls. And while they are fashionable, sometimes they’re going to show their little bellybuttons, they look like teenagers, but they look like comfy teenagers. They just smile as they listen to their father, that’s the important thing, and they come in during curfew. So you really like these dolls, like give them as gifts often. The price point’s great at 10 bucks. You can interchange their clothes and the girls will seem to enjoy them very much but also us. Brad: Simply put, we like the traditional squishy huggable baby dolls, plastic huggable, and the groovy girls, stick around because later we’re going to talk about the dark side of the doll world.