Considering a Limit on Embryo Implantation
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Dr. Cook explains if there should be a limit to the number of embryos a doctor can implant in a woman who is trying to become pregnant. For more information infertility-fertility.


Considering a Limit on Embryo Implantation I believe there should be. I am trying not to be too clinical with this, but other countries have mandated guidelines for how many embryos they can transfer or implant into a woman and most times that limit is two. In the United States, that area is supervised by a credentialing body of reproductive endocrinologist or infertility specialists that make recommendations, but don’t mandate the number of embryos transferred or implanted and their recommendations generally are two or less. Most recent data would support even one embryo transfer, what we call single embryo transfer. So we have recommendations at this time, but we don’t have mandates in this country about how many embryos are transferred, but that may be coming.