Conn. Man Kills Masked Teen, Learns It's His Son
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A popular fifth-grade teacher fatally shot a masked teenager in self-defense outside his neighbor's house during what appeared to be an attempted late-night burglary, then discovered the teen was his son, police said. (Sept. 28)


[Location: New Fairfield, Connecticut][Source: AP][VO: suburban homes, schools superintendent]IT'S A BIZARRE AND TRAGIC INCIDENT IN SUBURBAN CONNECTICUT.EARLY THURSDAY MORNING A WOMAN WHO LIVES IN THIS HOUSE ALONE HEARD SOMEONE SHE THOUGHT WAS TRYING TO BREAK IN.SO SHE CALLED HER BROTHER, JEFFREY GIULIANO, WHO LIVES NEXT DOOR.HE GRABBED A GUN AND WENT OUTSIDE…WHERE HE FOUND A PERSON IN THE DRIVEWAY, DRESSED ALL IN BLACK AND WEARING A BLACK SKI MASK.INVESTIGATORS SAY THAT PERSON LUNGED AT JEFFREY GIULIANO WITH A KNIFE IN HIS HAND… GIULIANO SHOT THE PERSON DEAD.WHEN THE SKI MASK CAME OFF, JEFFREY GIULIANO WAS HORRIFIED TO FIND IT WAS HIS 15 YEAR OLD SON, TYLER.THE TEENAGER'S CLASSMATES, LIKE ERIN PALLAS, ARE STRUGGLING TO UNDERSTAND.[SOT/Erin Pallas, Classmate]"I just thought it was so weird when I heard because I knew Tyler, not very well, but he was just a sweet person and he always made everyone laugh. I met him in the chorus room actually and he just wasn't the type to do what happened, so it didn't make sense to us.".HER MOTHER IS IN GRIEF OVER THE SHOOTING.[SOT/Colleen Pallas, Parent]"Disbelief and heartbreak for the family. They are a great family. Mr.G is a great guy."NEW FAIRFIELD SCHOOLS SUPERINTENDENT ALICIA ROY SAYS THE SON WAS ACTIVE IN THE CIVIL AIR PATROL, EVEN VOLUNTEERING AT A SHELTER LAST YEAR DURING A POWER OUTTAGE.[SOT/Alicia Roy, Schools Superintendent] "I know he enjoyed all his time in civil air patrol. That's the one activity that he really enjoyed at the high school. He loved to fly.Just last weekend he went flying, he liked gliders, and single engine aircraft."ROY DESCRIBES THE FATHER AS A VERY POPULAR 5TH GRADE TEACHER, AND AS VERY GENTLE.SOT/Alicia Roy, Schools Superintendent]"Loved animals, loves life, whenever he'll find an insect in his class he has to bring it outside so that. I mean the kids love him, that's the kind of caring person he is. He cares about his students like that as well."GRIEF COUNSELORS ARE AT THE SCHOOL.POLICE ARE STILL INVESTIGATING THE INCIDENT. NO CRIMINAL CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED.TED SHAFFREY, ASSOCIATED PRESS, NEW FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: TED SHAFFREY-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: TED SHAFFREY---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE ----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): NONE--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: