Complications During Pregnancy with Twins Part 2/2
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Kristin recalls how she felt during pregnancy knowing one twin baby could live and the other would die.


Complications During Pregnancy with Twins Part 2/2 Since we knew so early on in the pregnancy that we were definitely going to lose one of our babies, if not both, every day was just excruciating. It was a blessing to be able to feel them living in my stomach and to feel their kicks, but at the same time I never knew if that was the last kick, every time I felt them. And it was such a surreal place to be because I would be on the phone one minute with the funeral home ordering the casket and preparing for the burial of one baby, and then I’d be on the phone a few minutes later ordering the crib for the other baby who we hoped would survive. So it was just this weird, surreal place where we just had no idea what was going to happen, and I think when you are in that situation all you can do is just hope. I mean that’s really all you can do as a parent at any time that there’s a situation of calamity or some sort of health situation you have to cling to the hope and be strong. And that’s what I tried to do for my boys, and when they were born, and they first laid Clyde on my chest, the only thing I could think of was to give him that hope. I knew he didn’t have long, but I knew I wanted to give him all my love every minute he was alive.