Comparing Three iPhone Handwriting Apps
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Tired of typing on your iPhone? Stephanie Chu reviews three handwriting apps that might replace your notepad.


Revision3 Internet Television Stephanie Chu: Tried of typing on your iPhone stay tuned because we've got Handwriting Apps up for review today. App Judgment Stephanie Chu: Welcome to App Judgment you're search for mobile app reviews, I'm Stephanie and as much as I love my iPhone lets face it, typing can sometimes be a pain especially when trying to type notes that are longer then a text message. Our producer Eileen came across a posterous blog by Jezlyn who suggested different handwriting apps. Two apps caught our eye and the first one is free. Use Your Handwriting is a color coated theme based app made for keeping lists of any kind you like. The actual handwriting process is pretty fun as you can different ways of the pen and the result can be artistic. When you complete a task such as buying an item in a shopping list, tap once to see the item glow or swipe twice to delete. To switch between lists pinch to see your content in up to five different color themes, this seems simple enough but I found myself wanting to navigate by title and not by color. I can't see myself remembering which list belongs to which theme with no text indicator. If you'd like to delete entire list unfortunately you have to delete all the items one by one which is a little cumbersome. If you're left wanting more, there is a paid version called Use Your Handwriting GOLD. This gives you similar features such as themed list, but the GOLD version steps up the features. You'll get lots of lists, preferences on writing speed and display for lefties and the ability to shake your device to return to themes. The biggest push for the GOLD App is definitely email. Send your trendy looking list to a friend or to your blog. You've got another choice in handwriting apps and the one worth looking at is FastFinga. Unlike using your handwriting this app seems to be equipped for more long form writing in addition to lists. Writing is a breeze even with long words and long paragraphs. Use the thumb icon to indicate that the new word is starting and editing is breeze with undo and redo and an eraser. Add personality to your notebook, emote or covert images from your own camera roll, very cool, but here is the practicality question, would I really use handwriting apps? Can it really take the place of my iPhone's Native Notepad even with such a small screen? Now everyone has different speeds of typing and writing, but lets see which one is more efficient when writing a sentence. And here is my sentence. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. And there you have it, let's keep in mind that with iPad coming out son handwriting could become more popular with a larger screen. In time, we'll see if people start to get with the physical notepad. Until then, if you want to get a feel of how handwriting works on the iPhone, check out use your handwriting because it's free. I don't enjoy the way they organize your list, but it's free and you can see if handwriting is practical for you. Download the free version of use your handwriting. The paid app Use Your Handwriting GOLD is a step up from the free version with added sharing features, but I couldn't get over the clunky way to find your notes. I recommend that you don't download Use Your Handwriting GOLD and instead look at FastFinga which seems to be the best and easiest to use. This app might really take the place of a notepad especially if we can use this on an iPad. Download FastFinga for the iPhone. I hope you've enjoyed discovering handwriting apps as much as I have, if you have had in the other apps you'd recommend you can find me personally on Twitter at @marilee. You can also find App Judgment on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our home on Thank you so much for watching. See more great shows at