Common Tech Questions Answered Part 1/2
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Tech advice and tips: PCWizKid Answer Back episode #1 . This video includes some answers to common tech questions.


Welcome to PCWizKid’s tech talk. Today I wanted to start of with a weekly answer back episode to the most common questions that I’ve been getting such as, ‘What’s screen recording software do you use?’ Well I use Camstudio and Camtasia studio for Windows and for Ubuntu, I use RTK recordMyDesktop. When I record my screen, I use 15 frames per second roughly at 720 by 480 and then I render and edit my videos in Sony Vegas. I render it at HT high quality settings using the DivX Kodak. And another common question that I have been getting is well, ‘Where can I get your cursor, your themes, your wallpaper, all the stuff that I’ve been seeing in your videos?’ Well I’ve posted all the links to all of that on my website obviously right? So instead of you guys searching or googling all over the place, just go to my website. I’ve put the links there for you do download them all for free. So when you go to my website, if you can’t find it through the menus easily, don’t worry, under ‘Popular this Week’, just click there on the center, you’ll be able to get to the page fast and all the links downloading the wallpaper and my cursors are right there, ok? So go ahead and download them. Go crazy. Now another common question that I’ve been getting is, ‘Where can I get information about hardware upgrade? What do you recommend?’ stuff like that right? Because I know many of you are on a budget and you can’t afford to buy the latest and greatest but you still have enough money to buy some decent stuff. So what do you recommend? Well, I recommend the Quad core CPU for starters ok? None of this dual core anymore. That’s not the way to go. Quad core and higher is the way to go. But obviously, you know, it’s not cheap right? So, but if you can afford a Core i7920, go for it. If you can afford an AM3 Phenom II X4 so that 955 that I reviewed recently or even the newer one, the 965, go for it right? But I’m not going to recommend even you know, more crazy extreme stuff because I’ve seen that not everybody can afford that. But if you can afford an HT4890, the ATI Radeon video card or the GTX275, those two go for about the same price. Get that right, because that will keep you happy for a couple of years. Obviously there’s newer hardware that is coming up and you can never be up to date. Now the other question that I get is, ‘What about Window Seven? Where can I download what you just showed me?’ Well, before, earlier on my videos, I showed you where you could download the release candidate. Microsoft has closed that down. You can’t download that data anymore. TechNet plus subscribers could download the RTM which has released to manufacturing version, the last release that built was available for those who are paid subscribers and of course the new final release is coming out soon, but Microsoft has actually put up recently a 90-day free trial under website of Windows Seven enterprise edition. So, that you can go ahead and get. For IT professionals, you can go ahead and download that one, 90-day free trial from Microsoft. All of these links that I’ve put here in the video will be on the right hand side so you can click on those quickly and download all the stuff and visit the pages, ok? So keep the questions coming and I’ll post my weekly answer back to you guys and thank you for watching.