Common Feelings When Quitting Smoking
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Eletta Hansen explains some facts about smoking, and discusses if it's common to feel ambivalent when quitting smoking


Elleta Hansen: Hello! I'm Elleta Hansen, a Registered Nurse and a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist here at MediCorp Health System in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Today, we're talking about how to quit smoking, and I'll be answering questions about changes in thoughts and routines. Male Speaker: Is it common to feel ambivalent? Eletta Hansen: Absolutely! This is probably one of the most frustrating thing for smokers as they begin to think about the pathway to be a nonsmoker. It's easy to think about all the reasons you want to smoke. It makes you feel relaxed, you like it. You're used to being around people who smoke, but at the same time, you're afraid you're going to die early. You don't like the way you smell, you don't like the cost. This ambivalence is absolutely predictable and can eventually lead you to change talk, self talk, that will help move you ahead in making the decision to begin the planning to quit.