Common Bond: Kin of Terror Victims Unite
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Teens who've lost loved ones to terrorism around the world are uniting at a Massachusetts summer camp. Project Common Bond is part of Tuesday's Children, which serves people directly affected by the September 11th, 2001 attacks. (July 19)


[Location - Date:NEWBURY, MASSACHUSETTS/JULY 18][Source:ASSOCIATED PRESS][VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#1 A CAMP IN MASSACHUSETTS IS BRINGING TOGETHER PEOPLE FROM AROUND WORLD.[SOT/:KATHY MURPHY/DIRECTOR, PROJECT COMMON BOND][Notes:SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS]"we have 75 teenagers here with us from 15 different countries. They all experienced the loss of a loved one due to an act of terrorism."[Location - Date:][Source:][VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#2THE CAMP IS CALLED PROJECT COMMON BOND.[SOT/:KATHY MURPHY/DIRECTOR, PROJECT COMMON BOND]They explore conflict and resolution, they explore peace-building skills, they explore the role of dignity in their lives.[Location - Date:][Source:][VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#3THIS IS THE CAMP'S FIFTH YEAR.FOR SOME WHO'VE ATTENDED BEFORE, THE CURRICULUM PROVIDES A CHANCE TO TURN INSPIRATION INTO ACTION.[SOT/:FARAH SARRAWI/FROM NABLUS, WEST BANK]05:16 After last year, after I participated last year, I'm working now in my community as social work, and I'm giving workshop between Palestinian and Israeli people on dignity."[VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#4PARTICIPANTS ALSO TALK ABOUT HOPE FOR TROUBLED PARTS OF THE WORLD.[SOT/:JOANNE MURPHY/FROM DERRY, NORTHERN IRELAND]07:17 I'm so glad that we've come to a more stable peace where countries moving forward having huge events like the Queen visiting Northern Ireland a few weeks ago and Martin McGuinness who was a former commander of the IRA and shook her hand. It's been a huge healing process.[VO:][VOICE-OVER]TRACK#5THE CAMP IS PART OF TUESDAY'S CHILDREN, WHICH SERVES PEOPLE DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY THE SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH TERROR ATTACKS.IT'S CURRICULUM COMES PARTLY FROM A MEDIATION AND NEGOTIATION PROGRAM AT HARVARD LAW SCHOOL.BRYANT THOMAS, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.(****END****)