Colombian Company Makes Bulletproof Kid Clothes
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A company in Colombia says it plans to start exporting bulletproof clothing for children to the US. The company owner says demand spiked after the Newtown, Connecticut shooting spree. (Jan. 4)


DURATION: 1:06-----------------------------------------SHOTLIST:SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS/AP CLIENTS ONLYBogota, Colombia / January 3, 20131. Wide. Inside factory, people making clothes2. Close. Hands operating sewing machine3. Close. Pink and yellow striped backpack with name Miguel Caballero4. Close. Woman's hands, stitching5. Close. Person assembling clothes6. Mid. Woman folding armored materials7. SOUNDBITE (SPANISH BENEATH ENGLISH TRANSLATION) MIGUEL CABALLERO / COMPANY OWNER(transcript below)---SOURCE: WABCCOURTESY: WABC-TVNewtown, Connecticut/ December 14, 20128. Wide aerial, cars and fire engines outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after shooting9. Wide aerial, armed troops on roof of school---SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESS / AP CLIENTS ONLYBogota, Colombia/January 3, 201310. Mid. Caballero fires machine gun at jacket and backpack, examines damage11. SOUNDBITE (SPANISH BENEATH ENGLISH TRANSLATION) MIGUEL CABALLERO / COMPANY OWNER (transcript below)12. Close. Pink and yellow backpack with bullet marks. Caballero's hand points out damage13. Close. Caballero opens and examines backpack.VOICE-OVER SCRIPT:TRACK-1A SOUTH AMERICAN BUSINESSMAN SAYS HE PLANS TO BEGIN EXPORTING BULLET -PROOF CLOTHING FOR CHILDREN TO THE U-S.MIGUEL CABALLERO [Notes:ca-ba-YEH-roh] OWNS THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THE CLOTHING IN COLOMBIA.IT'S BEEN MAKING BULLETPROOF CLOTHING FOR PEOPLE IN HIGH-RISK SITUATIONS FOR TWO DECADES, BUT CABALLERO SAYS LAST MONTH'S SHOOTING IN NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT CHANGED THINGS.SOUNDBITE: MIGUEL CABALLERO/COMPANY OWNERANCHOR READ TRANSLATION:'after the tragedy in Connecticut, we started getting emails from customers asking for protected clothing because they were afraid to take their kids to school."TRACK-2CABALLERO SAYS HE NEVER CONSIDERED MAKING PROTECTIVE CLOTHING FOR CHILDREN BEFORE THE SCHOOL MASSACRE THAT LEFT 20 CHILDREN DEAD.HIS ITEMS NOW INCLUDE A CHILD-SIZED BULLETPROOF VEST THAT'S ATTACHED TO A BULLETPROOF BACKPACK.CABALLERO SAYS HIS CLOTHES WILL MAKE CHILDREN SAFER, AND CHILDREN WILL LIKE WEARING THEM.ANCHOR READ SOUNDBITE TRANSLATIONSOUNDBITE: MIGUEL CABALLERO / COMPANY OWNER'the product was created with the American market in mind, not for the Latino market. All the designs and colors, everything is thought out with them in mind."TRACK-3SEVERAL U-S COMPANIES THAT MAKE ARMORED BACKPACKS ALSO REPORTED LARGE SPIKES IN SALES AND INTEREST AFTER THE NEWTOWN SHOOTINGS.CARLOTTA BRADLEY, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.--------------------