College Student: Loans 'A Little Terrifying'
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When Barack Obama spoke at the University of North Carolina, he wasn't just a president trying to promote his higher education policy. Even to students as far away as California, he was someone who understood their burden of college loans. (April 24)


This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.LOCATOR: LOS ANGELES DATE: APRIL 24, 2012 1.Shot of sign pointing graduation commencement at USC 2. Shot of student sitting in the main quad at the University of Southern California3. Shot of student sleeping in quad 4.Wide shot of student sleeping and student on skate board crossing frame 5.Two students studying at table6. CS of student's notes7. SOUNDBITE [ENGLISH] ---DUMP THIS, NO ID8. SOUNDBITE [ENGLISH] SUPER: MADDIE MARTINEZ/ USC GRADUATE STUDENT " I took out a substantial amount and I kind went into it thinking I would have to then work 10 years after through government programs to get loan forgiveness, that was my plan going in hoping I would do that but it's definitely not a for sure and now I am unsure and uncertain of what's going to happen.' 9. SOUNDBITE [ENGLISH]SUPER: LAUREN FURNISS/USC SENIOR, GRADUATING 2012, HAS ENTRY LEVEL JOB, but tons of student loans "it's a little terrifying especially in this economy a lot of people are jumping in to jobs they might not normally accept, taking lower salaries than they want to and that's something I've had to consider when accepting job offers. So a low salary and having to pay off a lot of loans it's terrifying." 10. Graduating USC senior Vina Vo walking in frame and then out 11. Vo walking up stairs then out of frame 12. SOUNDBITE [ENGLISH]SUPER: VINA VO/USC SENIOR, GRADUATING IN 2012, GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL TAKING ON MORE STUDENT LOAN DEBT " I think that's so important, these interest rates really need to be low, because honestly how are students going to pay for it. You know we're going to graduate with what 200 thousand dollars in debt from undergrad and then have more debt from graduate studies? It really limits a student's ability to finance education and I think it really disincentivizes someone from going to grad school." 13. MS students sitting at benches 14. Students walking in quad, low angle15. Students biking in quad 16. Students walking in quad(****END****) VIDEO SOURCE: AP-----------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): none--------------------------------