Collecting Vehicle and Structure Models
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Models are small-scale replicas of objects, vehicles and structures, which have become a popular hit amongst avid collectors. Experienced collector Joe shares some great advice on starting your own model collection, what kind of models and replicas are in demand, which models are now available and other collection related topics.


Collecting Models Hey, it is Joe again and I am here to talk about collecting models. Models are actual skill replicas. I think you see in every day life like trains, planes, cars and pop coach or icons. Models also come in varying degrees of difficulty to put together. Here are some tips on how you can start collecting your own models. Model collecting actually flourish after World War II, actually during the war the government use models during tactical exercises to replicate actual planes and tanks. After the war, the government just kept making the models and people start to collect in them. Hence, model collecting. There are two types of models; one is die-cast which comes already put together and ready for your shelf and the other is a kit model, which you have to put together yourself, any way you want. I would suggest following the direction because that is the best way, you are in get the model that looks like whether it is in the box. 1/18th is a popular size scale for model as well as 1/24th, which is a popular size for slack cars. However, 1/32 is also a popular size. Model collecting is becomes so popular that the Boy Scout even has their merit badge for it. Each year the Boy Scout also has a pinewood derby where they raise small wooden cars against each other for prices. Matchbox cars are also very popular and cheap way to start your model kit collection. Just go to any local toy store and they usually have shelves full of matchbox cars usually with different NASCAR and SIGNUS is on it or you can also buy from popular TV shows. The monsters, a popular show in the 1960’s also has there own matchbox car. Models can be use for actual development of real life object where could also be use just for everyday fun activities. Whatever you do, remember that modeling is a great hobby and lots of fun.