Closing a C-Section
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Graphic detail as the placenta is delivered and the uterus is stitched. The operation is over and the mother leaves the operating theatre with her healthy baby.


Dr. Elizabeth Walz-Buscher: Her blood loss is quite appropriate, her uterus contracting fine. She is doing great! We take the uterus out after delivery. This is better visualization. Just running a suture, a running interlocking suture across the incision that we made. John Martinez: I'm afraid. I'm grown up, but I feel, it's pretty interesting. I mean, to see human body. It's very hard, it's got to back in there. How they flip things over, that's inside, and they just flip them back. Claudia Favela: It was fine, a little bit longer than my first C-section, but I'm just glad he is healthy and he is in my arms. I finally got to meet him. It's very exciting, now that he is in my arms.