Clek Booster Seat Review
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In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy reviews the Clek booster seat. The great feature of the Clek child car seat is that it clicks into your car's latch (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system making it very safe, and easy to put in and take


Clek Booster Seat Review Hi Welcome back to gear daddy I’m your host Daddy Troy today I’m reviewing the Clek Booster seat. The cool thing about the Clek Booster seat is that it clicks into your cars latch mechanism. Gear Daddy CLek Booster Seat The booster seat comes after a car seat and this one in particular is for kids between 4- and 100 pounds and 40 to 57 inches tall. Booster seats actually raise the kid up a few inches off the deck and that makes it more comfort for the kid it makes the place when everything were secure and also avoids numb bum keeps your kids legs from falling to sleep.wiht our kids and there’s another safety reason you want booster seats the national transportation safety administration s is that 2005 there were over 40,000 injuries by kids and car accidents that’s a pretty big deal and that was pretty just kids 4 to 7 which is the primary audience for this particular seat. Now the reason that Clek is so unique the reason we wanted to review it is that it actually buckles in to your cards latch system latch stance for low anchor and tethers for children and this particular one goes into the lower anchors of your car. It’s not easy to put in and has a click when it goes in but it’s also easy to take out. Now if you have a car that’s 2003 or newer your car is guaranteed to have one of the latch mechanism there’s a reason you want it tethered in. There’s a reason for you to have it tethered in but also when the kid’s not in the car with you what happens if you have an accident. We’ve all heard about the Kleenx box in the back of the car coming and killing a person in the head when it stop you do inertia well what if his thing in the car and you get into Iraq and there’s no kid in the car that goes flying away you know. Well this in particular one wont go far away because it’s latched into the car. The last thing I really like about Clek is that they come in really, really cool colors, they have bubble bum patterns and they have leopard patterns and kids could really, really get into it. Now boosters is a pretty big day in both the kid and a parents lot because it’s signifies a time in which that kid can actually buckle himself or herself into the car. They’re actually really, really convenient because you can take that one car and put it to another one really, really quickly so if playdate or with my mom and dad are switching cars so to recap the clek booster seat love this product it has great engineering, great design and helps you safety. Dad Labs seal of approval. We’ll see you next week at Dad