Classic Roasted Turkey
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Be warned: this recipe dooms you to cook the turkey for every family feast!


Classic Roasted Turkey Male: Okay, so what we’re going to do is pretty much talk about what to look for when you have the turkey like this. Female: Alright, was this a frozen one or fresh one? Male: This one was fresh one. Make sure that the skin is not cut anywhere that you're not having any burst that is kind of a hole, just like that. The first thing we’re going to do is to remove the giblet, the one you forgot before. Female: Yeah. Male: Do you want to do that? Female: Can I do that? Just like a ceremonial, well, that’s the neck, right? Male: Put it in so you don’t contaminate the board. Female: Why do you want to make sure that there are rips on the skin? I’m almost out. I’m good. Male: You're good. It doesn’t wane. Female: Anyway, it’s a little bit wrapped. Male: Yes, it is raw. That’s the plastic. That’s what you're looking for I think. Female: The turkey’s wrap. Male: Oh, the turkey sort of like in a giblet. Yes, but you have to make sure that when it’s there, usually it’s a transparent wrap because if you have like tears when it’s going to cook it’s shrinking. It’s going to expose the breast and so you won’t a nice skin on top of it. Female: Okay, good to know. Male: So once you have the dish, now you're going to flavor it so we have like some herbs here. We have thyme. We have rosemary. We have bay leaves. We have onion, garlic so you will first of all, color the onion, the garlic. Now you can leave the skin on. We leave the skin on. Female: Oh? Male: Yeah. Female: Okay. Male: Because that’s just for the flavoring. Female: Okay, good. You're not going to eat it anyway. Male: So you’re going to put the garlic it perfect. You know that when we exposed all the -- Female: Like all the way down. Male: And try to carry one way so it’s safer. For example, like that or by the little stem. But try to --here I see you but here we go. Now you're good. Female: Good, good balance. Male: Yes, rip. Female: Mother of pearl, this is a tough one. Male: I like it, good. Female: And I’m good. Male: And you expose all the cloves at the same time. Female: Lovely. Male: Don’t do too much. You're going to be like fainting in me. Female: No, I was just cleaning my sinuses. Male: So what you're going to do now is put all that in there. Female: Alright, that’s good, right back to the back. Male: And then we’ll put salt and pepper, all of that going in there. Female: That’s pretty easy. Male: You have room? Female: Yeah. Male: Okay, good so salt, so just remember-- Female: Kosher salt again. Male: Yes. Female: Because there are lot of thyme and for flavor. And it can dissolve. Male: And now you have to remember that because that you touch the salt with your turkey with hands but you can’t use it again for something else. Female: Double dip. Male: So pepper. Female: Yeah, I’m not going there. Alright good to know. Male: Excellent. So now that we’re all ready with that, you’re going to season the top of the bird. Female: Okay. Male: Salt and pepper again. Female: Oh. Male: It’s good. Female: I would smear it with like butter and stuff. That’s what I did in the past. Male: Well, we’re going to smear it now. Female: So, that’s a good thing. Male: There is a smearing involved in there. Female: I’m not too far out. Male: No, you're not too far. Female: I can’t go back in the salt. Male: No, it’s okay. You already did. Female: Also, we’re going to dissolve. Male: Yeah. We’ll just kind of dissolve. Female: And then you want to double and salt it. Male: Good. Female: Okay, good. Male: So now, just make sure that the skin is not wet. So actually, I’ll give you one of those as in disappearing. And that if you need to, it’s just a little bit wet. You pat it dry. Female: Why? Why would I do that? Male: Well, you have to make sure because once we put the butter if there is water in butter it’s going to first like splatter and explode the skin. And it’s going to be moist. It’s not going to get nice and crispy. Female: I did not know that. It’s good to know. All right, had it dry. Male: So we have melted butter here. We have the whole stick. Here, we used half of the stick of butter melted to brush now and we used the other half during the cooking. Female: All over? Male: Yup. Female: Just smear it like I’m painting a wall. Male: Just smear. Female: Coat of paint. Okay good. Male: That’s good. Female: Good to go. Male: And the herb is still here. Female: Let’s forget about them. Male: You forgot about the herbs. So put the herbs. Female: So this is sage, thyme and rosemary. Male: That’s the rosemary. Female: The whole Simon and Garfunkel thing going on. Male: Yeah. Female: And you just shove them in there. Male: Yes. So rub the bird here. Just remember that it’s okay. It’s not too heavy. Female: She’s like 50 pounds. We need to work out. She’s -- yeah, in this part. So just shove that in anywhere. Male: No, that’s good. So the lid that we’re talking about we’re putting it now. We created a tent. Female: A tent so just-- Male: We do like this just like the bird skewed. Female: Oh, yeah. Just like so. Male: Put it like that. Don’t touch too much of the skin. More like a tent. Female: Okay, just to keep the heat in and that’s the whole purpose of it. Male: And also because when it stays so long in the oven, you don’t want it to get brown too quickly. Female: Okay. Male: Do you want me to carry, it’s too over heavy. Female: Yes, please. I’ll grab the door. How was that? Male: So we’ll put it in the oven. So we have another now in 325. Female: Alright and it’s lower rack. Male: Where we have to bake this because the bird is so big. Female: She’s tall. Male: Yeah, we have to make sure that she’s in the middle. Female: Okay, and just pop her in and -- Male: Yes, so that’s going to take like two hours and then we’ll bake again. Female: Good. Male: Two hours later. So now we’re ready to remove that, to remove the aluminum foil. Female: Right. Oh, that was great. Male: And to crank it up. Female: And it smells good. Male: And to baste it so you can baste and then I’m going to put the oven at 425. I’m pushing that back in. Female: You're strong. Male: Okay so this is going to cook like for another 45 minutes to an hour. Female: Oh, good. Male: Now the turkey, what do we have? Female: Look at our -- I’m so proud. Male: She’s splurge. Female: Look at that. Male: Oh, it is beautiful. Female: It is beautiful. Male: So we’re going to bring the turkey over there if I can carry. Can you grab the door. Female: I’ll do that for you. Thank you. Male: Awesome. Female: Wow! Male: We have the sizzle. Female: This is the nicest turkey I’ve ever made. Male: Good.