Circumcision Debate: a Few Words in Favor
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In seeking information on why most American families decide to circumcise newborn boys, we turned to our favorite pediatrician and "Baby 411" author Ari Brown to provide some insight. The great debate comes to a head.


Clay: Foreskin. Take it or leave it. Brad: This week in the Lab, we return to discussion of circumcision. Clay: Watch us we draw to curtain on this controversial issue. This show is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Do you guys know they make really thoughtful feeding products, BabyBjorn. Brad: Last week we spoke to an intuitivist, some one who opposed to circumcision. Clay: Now this week, we're going to look into reasons why some families decide to ahead and circumcise their male infants because after all a majority of male babies in this country all are circumcised. Brad: To peel this onion, we talked to our favorite pediatrician and Baby 411 author Dr. Ari Brown. ARI BROWN: When it comes to infections, boys who are uncircumcised have a greater risk of getting bladder infections. The truth is boys don't usually get many bladder infections but again in the boys, who are uncircumcised it's more common. Sexually transmitted diseases boys who are uncircumcised are more likely to get those. Syphilis being one of the big ones. The most concerning infection however is HIV. There are some hygiene reasons, why a boy who is circumcised might benefit as well. That being it's easier to keep that circumcised penis clean. One of the things that can happen with boys who are uncircumcised boys is that if the foreskin gets pulled back accidentally before it retracts on its own the skin can get stuck in that position, it can swell and it can get infected and even though I'm not a boy I've got to think that's really painful. Brad: Daddy Clay, so you're pro circumcision. Clay: I guess actions speak louder than words. Both boys are circumcised, but I really I feel very conflict about it, Brad: How did you make the decision earlier? Clay: Well the things it you heard Dr. Brown say about infection and about hygiene all that you know I didn't listen to any of that. That would be a legitimate reason. No, I went with the aesthetic, want the boys to look like me and found out as grown - that we did. Brad: Because they're children and basically doesn't matter whether they are circumcised or not, they're junk does not look like my junk. There is legitimate reason but I don't think the aesthetic one is particularly rigid? Clay: All though that is why you majored it? Brad: It is and so you got a boy. Clay: Yes. Brad: You are expecting a boy and that boy is born are you going to mend his penis? Clay: Why? Brad: Aesthetics and family tradition. Clay: So basically for all the reasons I just completely discredited. You're now listening to me again. Brad: All the reasons that you made your decision. Clay: So just for aesthetic reason alone you are going to go ahead and have the foreskin sliced off? Brad: Family tradition too. Clay: -- took the place -- 90%, Brad: So, okay so really none of that medical information was compelling it still just about how it looks Brad: The medical information is very compelling Clay: You know what daddy Brad we should probably draw this conversation to a close and thank our sponsors, really appreciate your patience BabyBjorn As we talking about what is actually a very serious issue for a lot of people, so thank you to our sponsors Baby Bjorn. Clay Yes and if you have nay thing to say about circumcision how did you decided would you go through in your debate circumcise or not to circumcise go on over to and join this heated discussion. Brad: will be there and argue about it is so hope to see you there too on Thanks lot will see you next time.