Circumcision Debate
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The decision whether or not to circumcise infant boys is one that is often left to the dad. How will you decide? In this episode, we hear from a representative of Intact America, a group opposed to male circumcision.


Daddy Clay: In the entire universe of issues are pretend to be care, nature raising of of infant children. In our own experience, we've discovered only one issue well our wives will differ to our opinion. Daddy Brad: Circumcision. Own it. Daddy Clay: Today's episode is brought by you BabyBjorn. Just look at the quality of the materials on the baby sitter balance. These guys don't cut corners. Daddy Brad: We were inspired to discuss this issue recently when we intend one of our really big celebrity appearances. Daddy Clay: Yes, we were at the Metroplex Baby and child Expo there we were of course we've been invited to be the celebrity judges of their world famous Diaper Derby. While we were there met an interesting guy with strong opinions on the issue of circumcision. You're Michael Smith and you're with Intact America and you guys are all about preventing circumcision, right? Michael: That's what we do all day. Daddy Clay: So basically you're fighting for penises worldwide. Michael: Penis rights. Daddy Clay: What are your biggest reasons to be opposed to circumcision? Michael: Like we say in the garage, if it aren't broke, don't fix it. Daddy Clay: So the penis works perfectly without taking away the foreskin. What are the reason I mean so these guys are trying to make this tough decision. They're trying to say, hmm, hoodie up, hoodie down? You know the wife thinks I should, the dad's not so certain. So you say, here, consider these things. Michael: You want your kids to have it better than you had it and why would you want them to have it worse. The foreskin is the most sensitive skin on a man's body. Why would you take that away from him? Daddy Clay: You know it's kind of awkward in general to stand close to another guy and talk about foreskins. Michael: You'd be amazed at how receptive people are. Daddy Clay: If you feel like fewer and fewer circumcisions are being performed in this country? Michael: Oh! How I feel doesn't matter. It's dropping like a stone. I'm 44 and in just my lifetime it has gone from 90% to 52%. Daddy Clay: What do you think is sort of the deciding factor of lifetime for dads who decide that they do want their children to be circumcised? Michael: A lot of them say they want their son to look like them or they project it on to their son and say "my son wants to look like me." Daddy Clay: Do you think that's a valid reason to make a decision? Michael: That's the worst reason. Weather you are intact or circumcised your status has no bearing on your son's. Daddy Clay: How many foreskins do you think you've saved? Michael: I hope it's in the high hundreds but you just never know what people are going to do on their own. Daddy Clay: Michael from Intact America thanks you very much. Where can people get information from you guys when they're trying to make this decision for themselves? Michael: Lots of sites out there have lots of good information. We collect them all at Daddy Clay: Might as well check it out if you're trying to make the decision whether or not to snip your child. Is it snip? Snip is the right? Michael: Sniped yes, but makes me shudder. Daddy Clay: I'm thinking like a t-shirt for like a -- that says keep your knives away from my junk. Daddy Brad: Michael makes some good points. Daddy Clay: Yes, and he does, and in the interest of balance and fairness next week we'll have an expert on to give a sort of reasons that are in favor of circumcising your son. One of the best dissuasions form circumcising ever on earth is a good square look at and immediately post-op to new born BabyBjorn, staring at you angrily my decision that instant on that angry little thing. Daddy Brad: And you had get two. You did it twice. Daddy Clay: I did it again. And you know like he said, may be the worst reason for appearances I though you should you born look like his brother. Daddy Brad: When we had our first child, just one boy so far I want to had and glad you know one in Rome do as the Romans! Like father, like son! Daddy Clay: You've got one on the way. Daddy Brad: Yeah. Daddy Clay: Congratulations. How about that? You going to circumcise that boy? Daddy Brad: Opinions on the issue tend to cut very hard one way or the other. So I haven't completely decided but before this time before he gets here, we'll decide. Daddy Clay: I think that's a great you definitely need to have a discussion with your wife early on. Don't let it sneak up on you, don't let her sneak up on you. Daddy Brad: Yeah. Daddy Clay: So I know there are lots of opinions on this subject. Please join the conversation We've got a Circumcision Decision discussions right there. We want to you jump in and have your opinions and sound off. Daddy Brad: Thanks to our sponsors BabyBjorn. Design with the dad in mind BabyBjorn. Daddy Clay: Yeah, well we'll see you next, and also see you on and next week for circumcision.