Choosing Diapers: Cloth or Disposable
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It’s a concern for any new parent – what kind of diapers to buy. These days there are more options than just cloth or disposable. Green Living Expert Terri Bennett shows you how to find the right fit for your baby.


The diaper dilemma is a tough one for any parent. Most people think there are two choices – cloth diapers or disposable ones. Now there’s something else. Do Your Part and make the best decision for you and the planet. The most popular diapers are disposable ones because they’re just flat out convenient. But did you know that they take up 2% of our landfill space? Babies go through roughly 7-thousand diapers. Multiply that by the number of children you have and it adds up quickly. If disposable is what your choice, try to buy the diapers in bulk to avoid excess packaging and you can usually recycle the box it comes in. Cloth diapers are usually thought of as the greener option. Even though they don’t end up in a landfill there are a lot of natural resources that go into washing them. And you have to consider the cost of the water, energy and detergent used, too. But new hybrid diapering systems provide the best of both. Ones from gdiapers have organic cotton inserts that you can wash or these biodegradable, disposable inserts when you’re on the go. Dealing with diapers is obviously a dirty job. Do Your Part to know how your choices impact the planet. Then, you can make best decision for your family.