Choosing Baby Gifts
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Nancy R. Mitchell gives us some protocol and etiquette advice on gift giving, such as what are the best baby gifts


Host: What are the best baby gifts? Nancy Mitchell: Well, we are all fortunate now that many, many couples are registering for baby gifts, just as people do for wedding gifts. So that s very, very helpful. We’ll know that if we select something off their registry, if something they want they need and they will like. So the best gifts are the ones that they have ask for themselves and registered for. Other keep sake gifts are engraved cups or bowls that truly will be common air loom item within their family. But then think about the gift of your time making, the gift of your friendship. Let s say you are going to tuck into your card, congratulating them that you will have up to five evenings where you’ll baby sit for them or you bring food when they come back from the hospital with the baby or you ask if there are any services that you can help them with. You can be so creative with baby gifts. You can also establish a scholarship if you were able to, economically. You can give savings bonds. You can give in some way that the baby is not going to outgrow your gift as it will a blanket or a jumpsuit or something that in six months they will not be able to fit into. Think about the relationship to the couple, your economic means and giving something that is very special when you are close to the couple.