Choosing a Woodworking Apron
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Bob Schmidt gives advice of different toolbelts/aprons you may want to purchase considering what house project you may be working on.


Hi, I’m Bob Schmidt with Home Remodel Workshop. Your tool belt or your tool apron has to fit the project that you’re working on. I’ll show you the difference between the two, so you can make a good decision on what you need to get. Let’s get to work. Now this leather tool belt here is pretty much considered typical carpenters work belt. As you see it has two large pouches for many 16’s and 8’s and it has some smaller ones for some smaller nails and may be some smaller tools, relatively small amount of tool space available. Hammer is right that level of your fingertips for quick and easy access to your hammer so you can quickly pull it out and quickly put it back. But this type of apron although it is great for exterior framing or even framing a basement or a deck or projects like that, it’s not really appropriate for interior trim work or working with cabinetry. I’ll show you your other option for interior trim. Now for interior trim work or cabinetry work, I highly recommend you consider picking up a saw paper. Now, what this does is it has several different pouches for a many small tools, scribes, lots of pencils, as you see there’s nothing metal that’s around the center section. I know my hammer’s here but it’s not made and sees how much higher this hammer is held than the other one? The other one was right down here at my finger tips, this one’s up here much higher. It’s not made for quick in and out it’s made for basically slow access. You don’t really need that much speed when you’re going in through you trims work. What this does is it protects the material that you’re working on. If these were cabinetry and you’re leaning against it, you don’t have anything metal or protruding out. Also as you’re negotiating your way through people’s houses where they have furniture, chairs, tables, things like that, that you have to be careful with, it keeps everything much tighter into here and out in the front and carries it all a lot higher. Also another feature about this is just like grandpa’s suspenders, you have a nice cross here in the back where all the weight is carried up here on you shoulders. Where as the other leather pouches have the tendency to pull down your britches in the back, showing that lovely plumber’s thing that we all like to see. So when you’re buying your tool pouch in the future, consider what you’re going to be doing with it. If you’re going to be planning on doing a lot of interior work, a lot more custom work go ahead and get you one like this. If you’re going to be doing a lot of framing, decks and things like that then go ahead and get you a leather typical carpenter’s pouch or if you’re planning on doing both, I recommend you get both. I’m Bob Schmidt with Home Remodel Workshop, thanks for watching. Please subscribe if you like this video and then go back to our home channel, we have many other videos there, check us out. Thanks.