Choosing a Wedding Buffet
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Wedding Receptions: They say the wedding breakfast is a vital part of the big day. Everyone remembers bad food but enjoys good food, so get it right. Watch here as Siobhan Craven-Robins gets some great advice from a food lover and expert focusing on one t


Siobhan Robins: The catering few wedding is a vital aspect of the success of the occasion. Everybody remembers bad food and enjoys good food. The catering aspect of your wedding can also embrace some of the décor too such as type of linen, chest, and favors. Julie Gray from Buffington is a food lover and expert. Where do you start when the client comes to see you about their wedding menu? Julie Gray: I think it’s really important that we get a whole picture of the day so I’d always take it to start at the venue. Think about the venue, how to start at the venue, the possibilities of the venue and from that then talk with the clients to find out what’s the atmosphere they want to create because the two go together. Obviously they’ve selected a venue for the atmosphere that they’re aiming for. So we talk around but and I've got a real and complete picture but need too much. They need to go together to the whole style from linen to news visions, to the venue, to the past not just at the people. All work to complete the picture. The food for me is the last to talk about. It’s the easy bit because it should become quite apparent what’s right for each client and for each wedding. Siobhan Robins: If it has more of an informal feel, what do you suggest then? Julie Gray: Well I think you have to decide if you want it to be informal, does that mean you won’t sit down for dinner? That’s probably one of the first things you need to decide. If it’s very important for you to be seated at the round tables or long tables and you won’t have a table plans, you can determine whose going to sit next to you then really looking in to have a dinner or luncheon of course. If that’s the not important to you, then we could look at the buffet and therefore avoid the foremost sitting plan, have occasional fun that’s adapted around for those that won’t to be seated. And then that opens up huge hosts of choice. Siobhan Robins: So how does the buffet work then at the reception? Julie Gray: Well, one of the two ways. If your guest is seated so we can’t have a buffet so you can offer your guests’ choice. And still we’re going to sit guest very formally. In that situation, we would seat guess and then have a starter and then once that’s finished and drink to top up, nice to be paste over them and find one table at a time. Where if it’s a lot of wedding till 300 guess, three tables at a time up to a buffet station but that’s steady so it’s elegantly set. It reflects your menu and the atmosphere so it’s designed to match. What nice about buffet is can be paste throughout the evening so you can have different things happening and it can change quite frequently. Siobhan Robins: When catering for lunch then, does it make sense to go through buffet because then you’ve got a wide selection of choice and also people are going to get served pretty quickly. They can choose to eat when they want, what they want, so hey you can see me got the hot buffet stand with two ways to serving everything that guests could require. So tell me about the ceremony today because I see the beach go forth at the tent there. Male: Well, it’s a traditional Orthodox Church wedding and what the pre-cost basically the ceremony has to be under the sky, open sky so not in the house, not in the synagogue. Siobhan Robins: Alright! Julie Gray: So we have to work it on to this whole issue of having opening up to marquee but what we did, we added on another little marquee event and just a minute before the ceremony started I had two people to remove the roof and we just pray there was no rain. Siobhan Robins: How big is this marquee today? Do you know the size of it? Male: It’s over 10, 000 square foot. Siobhan Robins: Yeah and that’s up to 600 people. Male: For sure, 600 people. Siobhan Robins: Yeah. The first impression at the reception is that show the drink. That’s the first thing the guests see as they come through the doors that’s in tip. Julie Gray: Yes it is. Siobhan Robins: Oh, I think drinks are really worthy effort. It’s very easy just to serve a glossy champagne and orange juice with mineral water and in fact, there’s nothing wrong with that but very simply you can make it a little bit different and a little more special. Champagne is delightful add a fresh rose spray. Of course you’re really going ever for. You could float, go gleeful in each. I firmly believe that 40% of appetizers of this presentation and that that isn’t just a few to test whole table in as well. And again, it has to match. It has to match the venue, the style of event and be conducive too, bailed on your atmosphere. Siobhan Robins: So a simple flat of slant lots of candles. Julie Gray: Lots of candles, creaminess and it is classic. It’s stylish and it provides a rich one canvas in which to serve those selected food.