Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
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Nothing beats chocolate chip cookies when it comes to an after school snack, except maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies. The folks at Midwest Living magazine share their recipe to give those treats some flavor power.


Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Better Audra: Well nothing beats chocolate chip cookies when it comes to after school snack except maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies. The folks at Midwest Living Magazine share their recipes to give those treats a little flavor power. Diana: (Diana McMillen Midwest Living Magazine) We’ve made a lot of chocolate chip cookies over the years and there are certain things that have really stood out that made your cookie even better. First of all, all we use is fresh ingredients. Use real butter, use wonderful chocolate chips and I recommend just choosing your favorite because everybody has a different taste in terms of which chocolate chips they like. The cookie I’m going to show you is basically if you think about the Toll House cookie being the measuring stick for the basic chocolate chip cookie this one is similar to that except it has oat meal added to it. It has walnuts or pecans. Then one of the things that’s really different is it has grated milk chocolate bars so you get the chocolate bar and you just grate it using your vegetable grater and then of course the wonderful chocolate chips. What we discovered when we were making chocolate chip cookies was you can make some little changes, little tweaks with that. We’ll make your cookies just a little better and you can take the oatmeal and toast it a little bit in the oven which gives it a little more flavor. You can also toast the walnuts or pecans and another thing you can do is make a little easier on yourself. Put parchment paper on your cookie sheet that makes it really easy to remove the cookies when they’re done but it also makes it easy to clean up your pan which I love. And another really favorite thing of our test kitchen is to use this, it looks like an ice cream scoop but it becomes a cookie scoop when you’re making cookies and they have different sizes because I like the gigantic cookie here. We’ll use the big cookie scoop or ice cream scoop so you just scoop in your dough and you can see this is really chunky dough and be sure to leave some room between cookies so that they have room to spread without touching. Now the other thing that we discovered was looking for doneness. Everybody again has a preference to how they like their chocolate chip cookies but you get that kind of chewy on the outside soft in the middle when you’re looking at your cookie in the oven you know how it looks. It had a shiny quality to it when it’s raw and then it sort of gets duller as it bakes. When it has just almost gotten rid of that you just got a little bit of the shininess in the center that’s we found pull the cookie sheet out and let your cookie stand on your cookie sheet just a little longer to get rid of that and then you have almost the perfect doneness. If you like your cookies really firm. The kind that you have to dunk in your coffee or your milk then let it go a little longer but that is one of the true secrets to chocolate chip cookies. You can do anything you like but make this cookie the way you like it. This is Diana McMillen with Midwest Living Magazine for Better. Audra: And for more recipe gems make sure to check out this months Midwest Living Magazine in stores now. Better will be right back.